Frugal Endeavors

To March 31

It feels like spring is on its way, which means that life seems a little easier.  Good thing because after our little holiday, we need to tighten our belts.  Continue reading


Garbage Garden – Week 16

Garbage Garden 2017

Here is a status report for the tiny little garden I started at work from food scraps. I tried to regrow romaine lettuce from the cut ends of romaine, celery from the cut ends of celery bunches, green onions from the white end that is usually thrown away, red onions from the tiny starts inside of decaying onions, and tomatoes from rotting tomatoes. Continue reading

Garbage Garden – Week 5

My little plants in their new home.

This week I brought everything home and set them in the dirt and the garden.

I was impressed by the root development of the red onion sets, even though they did not seem to be doing much in terms of leaf growth.

Red onion roots

I may have waited too long to plant the romaine. I fear that the mould and decay took a heavy toll on these plants too much and I don’t think they will recover. I planted them anyways because they have come this far and they deserve a chance.

Sad looking lettuce.

I am a little sad about the health of the romaine. It was so robust and I couldn’t believe how much it grew in the first few weeks. I thought for sure that I would be well on my way to my first caeser salad of the year. I must remember that this is an experiment and a learning process. There will be failures. Too bad as it looks like the cost of romaine will remain high for some time.

About 5 minutes after getting my plants in the ground, it hailed. Luckily I got my babies covered up with a cardboard box and assorted plant pots and they survived their harsh introduction to the wild. Hopefully, they will thrive in the coming weeks.