Striving for Victory – Beauty is your Duty: a Letter from Rose


Both me and my friend H have been busy this month.  Continue reading


Striving for Victory – Beauty is your Duty


Despite the hardships and shortages faced by women in wartime Britain, women worked hard to look good. Women were told that “Beauty was their duty!” and a great deal of effort went into keeping up appearances. In addition, there were opportunities to escape through entertainment – radio, books movies and dances. Continue reading

Striving for Victory – Living 2018 like it’s 1942

Picture by Heather Vanderveer

This year a friend and I are spending part of this year living like it’s 1942. We are incorporating aspects of life on the home front of war time Britain into our everyday lives through a series of monthly challenges. We acknowledge that we cannot fully understand what it was like to live with rations and air raids, but we truly want to learn from the hard-won experiences of our foremothers and apply those lessons to our lives here in 2018. Continue reading