Eating on the Ration – Week Two


The first week of living on the ration went well as did my second week of eating like it’s 1942. Continue reading


Wartime Savory Meat Pie with Mashed Potato Pastry

20180605_174533During the first week living off the ration, I thought I would try my hand at making a meat pie. This was a risky proposition because I have never successfully made a pastry. I have tried countless times and failed each time – until now. I am happy to report that this recipe for pastry using left over mashed potatoes is a winner. Continue reading

Dig for Victory – How we did


In May, H and I got our hands dirty and dug for Victory.  For the rest of the growing season, we are committed to supplying as much of our own food as we can to conserve our rations. We refrained from making unnecessary clothing purchases while practicing a bit of “Make do and Mend.”  As part of last month’s Battle for Fuel, we strove to reduce waste by composting our household trash.   Here is a report on how we are doing so far.

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