The Adventures of Miss Wigglyhead – Wonder Woman PJs and Albert Einstein Hair

“Some days you live in pajamas, and your hair kind-of has that Albert Einstein look.”
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Mini Lavender Bunny

Earlier this week, Miss Wigglyhead woke up from her long winter nap.  She took one look outside at the rain and said she was going back to bed until the sun and the hot weather returned. Unfortunately, she found that she could not fall back to sleep. And she was lonely. I made her this stuffed lavender bunny to keep her company and help her fall back to sleep. This bunny would also make a nice addition to an Easter basket or tucked under a child’s pillow to help them sleep. Continue reading

The Adventures of Miss Wigglyhead – Monkeying Around or How to Make a Sock Monkey Hat

Sock Monkey Hat front


I spent part of my week sitting in front of my wood stove crocheting this sock monkey hat for someone special:

Miss Wigglyhead saw the hat and had to have one for herself, so after much begging and a promise to keep her room clean, I made her one.

I used bits and pieces of yarn from my stash. They did not have labels so I can’t tell you much about them except they were all a fingering weight. Very little yarn was needed to make this hat. The finished hat will fit a doll with a head that is about 8″ in circumference.

You will need about 2 oz. of fingering weight white, red, and a mixed, tweedy looking grey/white yarn, two buttons for eye, a small bit of white felt for the mouth, red embroidery floss (I used Anchor #19), a needle, thread, a 3mm crochet hook, and a fork (to make the pom pom).

Abbreviations: ch = chain, slst= slip stitch, sc = single crochet, dc = double crochet

To make the hat:

Start with the WHITE yarn: chain 4. Form a ring by slst into first chain.

Round 1: Ch 3. 11dc into the ring. slst into the top of the Ch 3.

Round 2: Ch 3. 1dc into same stitch as Ch 3. 2 dc into each stitch all the way around. slst into the top of Ch 3.

Round 3: Ch 3. 2dc into the next stitch. *1dc into the next stitch, 2dc into the next stitch* slst into the top of Ch 3.

Round 4: Ch 3. 1dc into the next stitch. 2dc into the next stitch *1dc into the next 2 stitches, 2 dc into the next stitch* slst into the top of Ch 3. Tie off.

Round 5: With your RED yarn: Ch 1. 1sc in the next stitch and 1sc in each stitch all the way around. slst in the top of ch1.

Round 6: repeat Round 5. Tie off yarn.

Round 7: With your GREY/WHITE yarn: Ch3. 1dc in the next stitch. 1 dc in each stitch all the way around. slst into the top of Ch 3.

Round 8 to Round 12: repeat Round 7. Tie off yarn and weave in all the ends.

To make the ears:

With the GREY/WHITE yarn: Chain 3. slst into the first stitch to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch 3. 9 dc into the ring. slst into the top of Ch3.

Round 2: Ch 1. 1 sc into each stitch all the way around. Tie off yarn. DO NOT slst to Ch 1.

Repeat for the second ear.

After crocheting the ears, sew them to each side of the hat on the grey/white section.

To make the mouth:

Cut a small oval from white felt. I used a piece of felted wool from a white sweater but cheap white felt from the craft store would work just as well. With a single strand of red embroidery floss, use a stem or back stitch to embroider a smile.  Sew the mouth to onto the hat.

Sew on two buttons for the eyes.

To make a small pom pom for the top of the hat, I used a fork and the tutorial found here:

How to make a mini pompom:

Once made, I stitched the pom pom to the top of the hat and plopped the hat on Miss Wigglyhead’s head.

I hope it will keep her warm while she is out having adventures.

Now if I could only get her to keep her shoes on when she is running around in the snow!


Miss Wigglyhead puts on her Sassy Pants


Miss Wigglyhead showing off her new clothes.

Fall has made an appearance and there is a definite chill in the air.  Too cold for Miss Wigglyhead to be running around naked showing off her tattoos but being who she is, a simple pair of sensible undies would not do.  Insead she requested a pair of Sassy Pants. Debbie is about 10 inches tall with an 8 inch waist.

I used a small scrap of 100% cotton broadcloth, a small piece  of Cotton Broderie Anglaise trim that was slightly ruffled, and a small bit of white foldover elastic.  The pattern for Debbie’s sassy pants can be found here >>> Sassy Pants Pattern.


Here is how I made Miss Wigglyhead’s Sassy Pants:

DSCF2047Print out the pattern and cut 2 Front and 2 back pieces.  I used 100% cotton broadcloth which I folded in half with the right sides together.



DSCF2048I marked each front piece on the wrong side with a pencil. The front and back pieces in this pattern look very much alike. Marking them helped me tell them apart. Next, I used a zig zag stitch to finish the edges and to prevent them from unravelling.



Sew the inside seam

Take one front piece and one back piece and with right sides together, sew a seam along the inside leg as shown. I used a ¼ inch seam allowance. Repeat using the remaining front and back pieces.




Press the hem

Make a ¼ fold on the bottom of the piece.  Press well.





Add some trim to the hem to make them fancy.

Pin a piece of the  Broderie Anglaise trim to the bottom of the leg piece on the right side.  Sew along the top of the trim being sure to also catch the folded hem on the wrong side. I used a zig zag stitch but a straight stitch could also be used as could a fancy embroidery stitch.


You should now have two separate leg pieces consisting of a front and back piece with trim along the hem of each piece.


Sewing the front and back together along the inside seam.

With right sides together, sew a ¼ inch seam along the curved inside leg. Turn so that the right sides are facing out and both back pieces are facing you. Unfold the pants so that the front is no longer under the back. You don’t want both the front and back to get stitched together when you are adding the ruffles.


The next steps add the ruffles to the back of these pants.


Adding the first ruffle.

Measure ¾ inch from the top and make a mark. Sew a piece of trim along this mark.  This is the first, or bottom ruffle.







Adding the second ruffle

Add the second ruffle by measuring down ½ of an inch from the top and sew another piece of trim along this line. You want the second piece of trim to cover the top of the first piece of trim.

To add the third and last ruffle, make a mark ¼ inch from the top and stitch down another piece of trim ensuring that the top of the second piece of trim is covered by the third piece of trim. You should have about a ¼ of fabric left at the top which will be covered with the foldover elastic.


Sew the pants together along the outside edges.

Sew the pants together along the outside edges.

Arrange the pieces so that the right sides are facing and sew along the outside edges using a ¼ seam allowance.  Turn the pants right side out.

Cut a piece of fold-over elastic to fit around the waist band with enough tension that it will fit snuggly.  Debbie has been snacking on berries and cherry tomatoes all summer so her pants were fitting pretty snuggly but I added the elastic so that they wouldn’t fall off unintentionally.  Pin and stitch the elastic to the top of the pants. Unfortunately, I failed to take any pictures of this part but Angry Chicken has an excellent tutorial on how to sew foldover elastic, which can be found here.

Once the elastic is added, the Sassy Pants are finished.  Here is what they look like hung out on the clothesline after washing:

sassy pants

If you make a pair, let me know.  Also let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by.


Miss Wigglyhead reveals her true identity and gets a makeover.

There is now way to sugar coat it, Miss Wigglyhead was looking a little worse for wear.  Time for a make over!

The first step was to get her hair done.  So off to the hair dressers (kitchen counter) where she hung out in waterfall pose with her head in a bowl of fabric softener.

Wiggly head getting her hair done

After an hour or so, I took her over to the sink and rinsed out her hair.

The results:

before and after

There is a little improvement. At least her hair stays down.

The next step in Miss Wigglyhead’s makeover was to remove the old soft.  This was done very carefully so that I could use it as a template to make the new soft.  Once her old soft was removed, I flipped her over.  It appears that her real name is Debbie.



I used some left over muslin to make Debbie’s new soft.  Flannel would also be a good choice.

To make the front of the new soft, I laid the old soft on top of the muslin and pinned it down.


Then I cut around the old soft leaving a 1/4 inch margin to act as a seam allowance front cut out


To make the back of the soft, I folded the old soft in half and cut two identical pieces from the muslin with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Back cut out

Next I ironed the edges to create a 1/4 hem on all openings.

ironning the hem

I stitched each hem down using a zig-zag stitch for extra security.



Once the hems were stitched down, I took both back pieces, right sides together and stitched a center seam halfway down.  This will create an opening so that Debbie can put on her new soft.

Next I took the back piece and the front piece of the new soft, right sides together, and stitched along the shoulders, the sides of the body, and in between the legs.  I was careful not to sew shut any of the openings. I clipped around all the curves so that it would lay nice.

Once everything was sewn together, the new soft was turned right side out and Debbie put on her new soft. The gap left on the back was hand sewn shut.

Sew the gap


All done.  Here is Debbie showing off her new body


Front. Yes, that’s a rose tattoo.



While I wasn’t looking, she snuck out and got not one but two tattoos including a butterfly tramp stamp.  Looks like Debbie will need a bit of watching.