Frugal Endeavors

November 8 – 14, 2017

Winter is trying its best to get a foothold. I know it is inevitable, but we remain thankful for every mild day before the truly cold weather sets in.  Here is what else we did this week to conserve our resources. Continue reading


Frugal Endeavors – Glad to be back

Snow on my nasturtiums. Looks like winter is on its way.

We returned home after several weeks. It is nice to be home but it’s going to take a lot of work making up for lost time while regrowing our emergency fund. Here is what we did this week. Continue reading

Frugal Endeavors


The Woodshed

December 1 to December 14

Finished my winter quilt. Finally. We have slept under it for a couple of nights now and it is very warm. I made from rescued and left over flannel and backed it with an old sheet.

Spent a day making chocolates with my mom. We had a fun afternoon talking (and snacking). We made up a few boxes to pass out to friends and neighbours for Christmas.

Combined trips so only one trip into town was needed. This mean I took the garbage and recycling with me, and stopped to pick up a package and some groceries.

Worked on more Christmas gifts including more pumpkin fudge because someone found the bit I stashed away in the back of the fridge and it disappeared – bit by bit.

Downloaded free magazines. I haven’t had a chance to look through them yet. I am hoping they will be okay.

How was your week?

Frugal Endeavors

Lichen on a tree

Lichens growing on a tree

November 22 – November 29

Another unremarkable week but some money saving activities did take place.

I cut my sweetie’s hair saving at least $20 at the barbers. We took the recycling into town with us, thus getting the best use of our gas money and saving $3.

We covered two very draughty doors with plastic. Hopefully this will make the house feel warmer and reduce the amount of wood we burn.

We continued to eat down what was in our freezer. It’s pretty much empty now. Time to start on the pantry and deep freeze.

I defrosted some of the pumpkin I froze earlier this month. I made pumpkin pancakes, which were lackluster and pumpkin fudge, which is pretty good. We’ve been snacking on it all week. Yum!

How was your week?



Frugal Endeavors


November 9, 2015 – November 16, 2015

The week started with a warm sunny day encouraging us to spend the day cleaning up the yard before winter sets in. And then rain came, followed by the snow. Winter seems to be on its way.

The cool, wet weather certainly encouraged us to stay home. With all this time we managed to get several home improvements finished. I worked on eating down the freezer. I made teriyaki using a recipe found online.  I will definately use this recipe again. I also used up some of my pumpkin in a curry recipe.  I substituted ½ of the chickpeas for cauliflower because to tempt the Man. He was a little skeptical of having a meat free meal and cauliflower is one of his favorite foods. Cauliflower was also on on sale this week. It turned out well enough that we had it for dinner the next night and froze the leftovers for a future meal. The cool, wet weather was perfect weather for sitting by the fire working on Christmas presents.

What frugal endeavors did you take on this week?