When Life Leaves you in a Jam – Make Pop Tarts. A Food in Jars Mastery Challenge

Almost half a century has past since the carefree Saturday mornings of my childhood but I can still remember the sweet yummy goodness of a pop tart fresh from the toaster like it was yesterday. As Bugs Bunny outsmarted Elmer Fudd on the tv, I would eat my pop tart carefully to avoid burning my lips on the sweet, sticky jam in the center of the pop tart. As part of this month’s challenge at Food in Jars, I had the opportunity to revisit the happy Saturday mornings of my childhood.

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Food in Jars Mastery Challenge for January. Lemon Curd with Bonus Lemon Extract

My year got off to an awesome start when I realized that Marisa of Food in Jars was hosting another food preservation challenge. The challenge for the month of January was to create a preserve using citrus. The citrus challenge in 2017 where I attempted to make marmalade didn’t go very well. This year I decided to capture a bit of southern sunshine in a jar of Lemon Curd, instead of revisiting the marmalade disaster.

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Miss Wigglyhead Christmas Fudge

Miss Wigglyhead is a little late getting away this year to join her distant cousins for their annual Yule time celebrations.  She was waiting around until I made some fudge so she could take some with her as a gift.  Now you could say that it was pretty smart of her to let me do all the work while she takes all the credit, but she did pitch in and help in the kitchen – but only after I made her a new apron!

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