A Mini Redwork Quilt – My One Monthly Goal Challenge for May

Embroidery transfers like these were a common feature in women’s magazines. I wish they would make a come back!

Once upon a time, my Mom lived in a very rural, backwoods setting. On the way to her house was a truck stop and a second hand store. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, this store had the best stuff. It was here that I found a pile of iron on embroidery transfers with some dating back to the 1930s and 40s.

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Volunteer for Victory – My story


In July, we honoured our foremothers by volunteering. During the war, women not only maintained their homes and feed their families with limited resources but they also took over the jobs previously done by men and worked long hours. Despite the many demands on their time,  many still found time to engaged in volunteer activities.  I have been working on my volunteer contribution for a few months now.  Here is my report.

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