Frugal Endeavors – Lessons found in an old box of sewing notions

March 23, 2018

Thanks to daylight savings time or something, my usually bout of the winter blahs found me in March this year rather than February. I am well on the road to recovery as the sun is shinning, spring is on its way, garage sales are happening, and I found a little happiness and some frugal mojo in an old cardboard box.

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Miss Wigglyhead Christmas Fudge

Miss Wigglyhead is a little late getting away this year to join her distant cousins for their annual Yule time celebrations.  She was waiting around until I made some fudge so she could take some with her as a gift.  Now you could say that it was pretty smart of her to let me do all the work while she takes all the credit, but she did pitch in and help in the kitchen – but only after I made her a new apron!

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Season’s Greetings from Miss Wiggleyhead.

For those of you who were wondering, Miss Wiggleyhead made it back from her visit with her family. She tip toed in on Christmas eve and hung her sweater on the tree (instead of just throwing it on the floor with the rest of her laundry).

A double purposed piece of clothing. It can keep Miss Wiggleyhead warm and it can also be used to decorate your Christmas Tree!

Just before crawling off to bed, she hung out her stocking in the hopes that Santa would not look too closely at his naughty list.

Maybe she was not as naughty as I thought. This is what she found on Christmas morning:

Have you tried these mini mandarin oranges! They are so good.

Not a bad haul.

If you want to print out your own, the colouring book can be found on the Bee’s Knees Industries Blog. I found The Wonder Woman poster on Pintrest.

Someone gave her several Barbies. She was grateful for each one of them but she liked the superhero Barbies and the Skater Barbie the best. I told her she was getting too old to play with dolls. She didn’t say anything but she did give me the strangest look.

All the best in 2018!