Eating on the Ration – How we did eating like it was 1942


In June, H and I agreed to eat like it was 1942 and live on rations.  Here is a look at how we kept ourselves feed.   Continue reading


Dig for Victory – How we did


In May, H and I got our hands dirty and dug for Victory.  For the rest of the growing season, we are committed to supplying as much of our own food as we can to conserve our rations. We refrained from making unnecessary clothing purchases while practicing a bit of “Make do and Mend.”  As part of last month’s Battle for Fuel, we strove to reduce waste by composting our household trash.   Here is a report on how we are doing so far.

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Striving for Victory – The Great Gastby and Nella Last’s War


One of goals I set for myself as part of our Striving for Victory Challenge was to explore the media available during World War Two.  I love to read and so I decided to read some of the books made available by organizations such the Council on Books in Wartime and The Books for Victory Campaign.   Continue reading

Striving for Victory – Beauty is your Duty


Despite the hardships and shortages faced by women in wartime Britain, women worked hard to look good. Women were told that “Beauty was their duty!” and a great deal of effort went into keeping up appearances. In addition, there were opportunities to escape through entertainment – radio, books movies and dances. Continue reading