Frugal Endeavors – February and Free both start with F.

March 5, 2019

As March was wandering in like a very, very cold lion, I was telling a co-worker about all the wonderful things on offer at our local library. When I told her everything was free, she said, ” ‘Free’ is my favorite F-word!” High praise from her since she, like the rest of us at our little store, suffer from chronic potty mouth.

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Frugal Endeavors – Nothing here but us chickens…

January 8 to 18, 2019

The internet provides so many resources for saving money. This year I am trying a few (free) challenges to keep me motivated and accountable. I might even end up saving a little money as a result.

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Dig for Victory – How we did


In May, H and I got our hands dirty and dug for Victory.  For the rest of the growing season, we are committed to supplying as much of our own food as we can to conserve our rations. We refrained from making unnecessary clothing purchases while practicing a bit of “Make do and Mend.”  As part of last month’s Battle for Fuel, we strove to reduce waste by composting our household trash.   Here is a report on how we are doing so far.

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