Advent 2020 – December 22 to December 24

Christmas Header

This month I finally finished my upcycled Altoid tin Advent Calendar and I even managed to get it mailed. Yah me! Anyways, continue reading if you want to see what I included in the last few tins.

And here is what I included in this month’s Advent tins:

December 22

I picked up a few craft supplies from the local dollar store and included some chocolate. I was hoping to find small bottles of glitter in Christmas colours, but alas, no luck.

December 23

The tin for December 22 contained a handmade key fob and a small drawstring bag to wrap it in. I was going to make a macramé style key chain or one similar to the one I included in this calendar the last time I sent it out. However, this month, my fingers were too clumsy. In the absence of knot tying mojo, I stitched up a patchwork one instead.

December 21

I found handmade Turkish Delight, made by a local candy maker, for my mom to enjoy on Christmas Eve. Walking into this store was so cool as they had just finished making candy canes and the whole shop smelled like Christmas. They also provided excellent customer service. I told the girl behind the counter what I needed and she carefully packaged the sweets so they would fit in an Altoids tin. If you are ever on Vancouver Island, they are worth the visit.

I have to say, I had fun crafting and searching out the little gifts I included in each tin. As tiny as they were, they did provide a welcome distraction from the day-to-day worries of 2020.

If you are curious, you can find links describing the contents of each tin here: Advent 2020

I have sent this Advent Calendar out twice before. The first time was pre-blog, so I don’t have a record of what I included. The second time, however, I sent it out to my youngest son, who was about 20 at the time. You can see what I included that time around here: Advent 2016

Canada Post is now doing the work of Santa Claus and transporting the Advent Calendar across the province to my Mom. I hope she enjoys it! And I hope you will all have the merriest Christmas possible, given the craziness of 2020.


  1. hI, I bought my craft sparkles last year at dollar tree too, but this year I found nicer ones in a much larger jar at Walmart for $2.00, a much better buy. just fyi, don’t know if you have a walmart. ann in the sewing/craft/painting section.
    yes, the tin advent calendar is a great idea, have to find some tins first!! a

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