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Dollar Store Challenge

Tomorrow will be Day One of our Dollar Store Challenge. For three days, we will be eating only food purchased from our local dollar stores. You can read more about this challenge >> here.

H and her daughter, and maybe the other three members of her household, will be participating in this challenge. In other words, she will be feeding 2 to 5 people over the next three days. Her challenge is a little more extreme as she has histamine issues and must avoid canned foods. There are also members of her household who must avoid gluten. Luckily, she found gluten free pasta and crackers at her local dollar store. We also decided that she would include gluten free oats in her haul even though they were purchased elsewhere. A little bit of suffering for the sake of a challenge is one thing but someone getting very ill is another. She spent $40.00 to buy all this to feed her family for the next three days:

In addition to getting the shopping done, H is doin a little prep before the big day. She sent me this recipe for chia pudding that she will be making for breakfast using coconut sugar and coconut milk (instead of half and half) from her Dollarama shop:

Silver from The Realm of Silveryew is located in the UK. She is feeding only herself over the course of this challenge. She limited herself to buying only items that were a pound or less (that’s money not weight). In all she spent £14.75 ($25.57 Canadian). I am a little jealous of the milk she found on the shelf of her local pound shop. I think she was as well as it seemed like it made her meal planning a little easier. You can read more about her initial shop on her blog.

I am also only feeding myself over the course of the next three days. When it comes to food, I don’t have any allergies and I seem to have gotten over my intolerance to gluten. I do, however, have texture issues when it comes to some foods. For that reason, I am a little worried about some of the canned food you see in the following picture of my haul:

I’m pretty sure this will be enough to feed me for three days.

As you can see by the receipts below, I spent a whooping $36.37! In my defense I did say that there would be no budgetary restrictions this time around and I did buy a few extra items to experiment with.

The Dollarama receipt was ripped as it came out of the till.

It’s funny how one very simple ingredient can change everything. I was having a hard time with my menu planning, especially when it can to incorporating some of my cheap, stand by meals. Pancakes for breakfast using a mix – no butter. Pancakes just aren’t the same without butter. May be muffins for breakfast or slabs of bread and butter with soup. I had nixed both these ideas because they just would not have been the same without a pat of butter melting into a fresh oven warm muffin or a hearty slice of bread slathered in butter to dip into the soup. Still edible but sad.

And then I found this on the shelf of my local Dollarama:

This was a game changer.

I amended my meal plan right there. Muffins and soup for all!

I am also doing a little prep before the challenge gets rolling. I was pleasantly surprised to find dried beans at my local Dollar Tree. I was going to buy a couple of cans of chick peas but I though I would try cooking them from scratch. I have set them to soak over night and I will cook them in the morning and store them in the fridge until needed.

My local Dollarama sells rice, oat, and almond milk but it does not sell cow’s milk. I did purchase a liter of almond milk to see me through but I thought I would try this recipe for homemade oat milk coffee creamer to whiten my morning cup of coffee. I figure it is better for me than coffeemate. That stuff is flammable!

H and I would love (love, love) it if you would join us. We would love it even more if you would share your tips, pictures, experiences and recipes by:

  • Sharing a link to your blog in the comments
  • On Instagram using the hashtag #dollarstorechallenge2020
  • tag me on facebook or post on the hip roof barn facebook page
  • Any other way that works for you.

See you tomorrow!


  1. I’m amazed at what you found at your dollar tree …. our choice is not near as wide here… maybe I better have a good look next time through! I do worry a bit about the protein intake, but I think I see some tuna and also the almond milk has protein? looking forward to reading about it all …
    ann lee s

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow…impressed (and a bit envious) by the diversity and availability of the selections in each participant’s shopping haul, especially the fish selection that Just another day on the farm was able to score.
    Oh, the menu possibilities that present themselves for everyone!
    Looking forward to what gets created from each basket.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My basket is ready.. but today I butchered out 2 250 to 275 pound pigs and I am wiped out.. so I will do my first post up tomorrow, first thing in the morning.. I liked you laying out your stuff, I will see if I can do something like that.. I know what I am having for breakfast lol

    Liked by 2 people

  4. It should all be fun and games from tomorrow then! Husband is already eyeing up some of the nicer things I could get at the Pound Shop. I told him he could have whatever is left when this is over ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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