Advent 2020 – December 19 to 21

Christmas Header

It’s hard to believe that it is October all ready. It’s even harder to believe that I see Christmas stuff in the stores! 2020 just keeps getting crazier. Anyways, if you are looking for a distraction from the gloom and doom, keep reading to see what I made to fill the next three tins in my upscaled Altoid tin advent calendar. The advent calendar will be going out to my mom sometime mid November.

And here is what I made this month:

December 19

I used a pattern from a cross stitch book purchased several years from the second-hand store to make this scissor fob. I included a package of needles for her sewing machine as she has told me that she is having a very hard time finding basic sewing supplies in her area. The package of needles is probably the most expensive item in the whole advent calendar!

December 20

I used some pretty dollar store yarn to make these fingerless gloves. The buttons came from my button jar.

December 21

The last time I sent this advent calendar out, I made a little coin purse using an online tutorial I have use several times. It always works out well but I thought I would try something new.

I made this cute little coin purse using an online tutorial. Craft Passion has several small and very cute tutorials for coin purses and key pouches that would make ideal gifts. I did find the tutorial for the Boston Terrier coin purse hard to understand and I ended up just doing my own thing, but I am happy with how it turned out. I added a couple of coins because it is bad luck to give a wallet (and I would assume a coin purse) to someone without any money in it. I also included a frequent flyer punch card to a restaurant in her town. I had enough punched on it for a free lunch. I hope she treats herself to something nice.

Only three more tins left to fill and then I will send this advent calendar to my mom. I think I can have them filled and the whole thing ready to go by mid November.

How about you? Have you spent anytime during lockdown creating Christmas gifts? Leave me a comment and let me know. I am also looking for ideas for gifts for the remaining tins, so if you have any suggestions or links to useful tutorials, please share. I always love hearing from you.


  1. What beautiful little gifts! And I learnt something new, I didn’t know that giving an empty wallet as a gift could mean back luck!
    I have not even contemplated Christmas at the moment, to be honest. Where we live in the UK we are at Level 2 (High) which means that we are not allowed to spend time indoors with someone not from our household or support bubble. I am unsure if we will even be able to see anyone at Christmas.
    *sigh* I guess I’ll have to think about Christmas gifts eventually. I am wondering though if we will do Secret Santa for Husband’s family like we did last year.

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