Advent 2020 – December 13 to 18

Christmas Header

Only four months until Christmas! This is what I have been working on to fill the tins in the recycled advent tin calendar I am making for my mom.

And here is what I made:

December 13

One of the things i like about moving to a new area is that it provides me with the opportunity to learn more about what grows in my area. These Seed Envelopes are the result of my newly acquired knowledge. I identified foxglove and two different species of poppies and learned how to harvest their seeds. Hopefully they will make a welcome addition to my mom’s garden.

December 14

An empty kleenx box was sacrificed to make a tiny notebook using this tutorial for a Center Stitched Book.

December 15

Sewing accessories

The quote on the inside of the tin for December 15 reminds us all to make the best of what we have. Mending and quilt making are both excellent ways to “make it do.” I made my mom a set of Korean inspired leather thimbles to help her with her hand sewing. I also included a bit of beeswax from when I kept bees

December 16

I have high hopes that this pandemic will be over before Christmas. If it is, my mom can use this mask to clean out her chicken coup or when she throws hay to her horses. I made the mask using fabric from my stash an a free mask pattern from Victory Patterns. I really l like the way it fits.

December 17

I entertained the idea of making this little angel ornament for some time. In my head, she looked a whole lot better. She might get replaced with chocolate. I’m not sure yet.

December 18

A few scraps of Aida cloth, some embroidery floss, and a couple of free patterns were all that I needed to make my mom a couple of quilt labels.

Even if I do say so myself, I think I did pretty well. I think I made some nice additions to my mom’s Christmas gift for very little money.

How about you? Have you spent anytime during lockdown creating Christmas gifts? Leave me a comment and let me know. I am also looking for ideas for gifts for the remaining tins, so if you have any suggestions or links to useful tutorials, please share. I always love hearing from you.


  1. Hi, I am in awe of your preparations for christmas, and the gifts for advent are wonderful. I love the little angel and would not trade her for some chocolate. she is made with love. glad to see you enjoying your new home. ann lee s

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  2. These are all so beautiful and thoughtful gifts, your Mom is so lucky to be receiving these.

    I have harvested the seed pods of some of the poppies on the path behind the house, and I’ll be sowing these next spring so the bees have some stuff to work with. I am also considering getting the seed pods from the nasturtiums to see if I can sow those again too.

    Now that you’re a bit more settled in the new place, would you consider having bees again?

    I must admit that I have not been making anything gift-wise during the lockdown, but I have done other things, like becoming better and growing our own, and mending our clothes.


    1. I have had really good luck growing nasturtiums from found seeds. They are such pretty and hardy flowers.

      I would love to have bees again but we are now in a ground floor apartment and The Man is allergic to bees stings so i will have to wait…

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