Advent 2020 – December 10 to 12 including free, printable bookplates

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It’s funny; the more free time you have the less you seem to get done. Living through the Pandemic of 2020 means that I have lots of time on my hands and yet I struggled this past month to figure out what I would contribute to the Advent tins that will be going out to my mom later this year. Eventually, I found some inspirations and found enough crafting supplies at home to make a little something to put in the next few tins.

And here is what I finally got around to making.

Advent tins for December 10, 11, and 12

December 12

Since many stores were still closed when I started making the next set of tiny gifts to include in the Advent tins, I was glad the base material for this addition was easy to source as all I had to do was head outside. I used crochet thread from my stash and a free pattern. The last advent calendar I made I made the You Rock rock. If crochet is not your thing, maybe painting is.

December 11

I know, it seems like I took the easy way out and left this tin empty. Inspired by the word “Sweet” on this tin, I plan on adding something sweet just before I send the calendar out to my mom so that it will still be fresh.

December 10

Bookplates are always a favorite gift and will make a nice addition to my mom’s extensive library. Last time I sent out these Advent tins, I also included a set of bookplates . Unfortunately, the link to those free bookplates is no longer active. I decided to make my own using an image from the Boston Public Library. I’ve included a PDF of these bookplates if you want some for yourself.

Pretty Floral Bookplates


  • 8×10 full page sticker (or regular printer paper and a glue stick)
  • printer
  • scissors
  • Pretty Floral Bookplate download

Download the bookplates and print on to full page sticker paper. Cut out the bookplates. Alternatively, the bookplates can be printed on to regular paper, cut out with scissors, and glued to the book using a glue stick.

I wrapped up my bookplates with a bit of satin ribbon decorated with a crochet flower.

Hey, you can Pin this image!

See you next time.


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