Keeping Christmas in your Heart 2020: Days 4, 5, and 6

It’s no secret that I love a handmade Christmas. However, a handmade, frugal Christmas means planning a head. This year, I thought I would fill the advent calendar I made a few years ago from recycled Altoid tins, and send it off to my Mom. Here is what I made to put in the tins for Days 4, 5, and 6.

It feels very weird to be planning for a future holiday in a time of great uncertainty. Right now my tiny part of the world is holding it’s breath waiting for the full effects of COVID-19 and the downturn in the financial markets to take hold. We might be under quarantine and headed towards another economic down turn but the sun will still rise, flowers will still bloom, and Christmas will still happen. While I prepare as best I can for an uncertain future, I find comfort in looking ahead to calmer days while planning for someone else’s future happiness. And so, this is what I put together for the next three advent tins.

Day 4

For a farm girl, my mom has always taken really good care of her nails. Almost every night after her chores are done, she spends a few minutes with a nail file and some hand cream. I thought I would treat her to a fancy new nail file and a bottle of nail polish. Both of these tiny gifts came from the dollar store.

A mini manicure

Day 5

A new manicure deserves a new hairstyle. I made a few hair ties to put in the tin for Day 5. I used the pattern and tutorial found online.

Hair ties

Day 6

When I first moved far away from home, my mom would send me a tea bag with a card on Valentine’s Day so that we could have a cup of tea together on February 14th. I thought I would continue the tradition for Day 6.

I wrapped up a couple of tea bags using some pretty scrapbook paper tied with a bit of ribbon. I also made a tiny Christmas card to include with this gift. Here is how I made it.


  • a snowflake paper punch
  • glue stick
  • paper scissors
  • glitter or stick on rhinestones – I didn’t have any on hand but if I did, I would have used them
  • a copy of the Tiny Christmas Card:


This is a very simple project that really doesn’t need much instruction but just in case, here is how I made this tiny Christmas card.


  • Print and cut out the Tiny Christmas Card
  • Fold the card in half and then in half again.
  • Punch a couple of snowflakes out of white paper and glue them to the front of the card. If you have glitter or rhinestones on hand, don’t be afraid to use them.


A cup of tea for Day 6

Here they are all package up.

Ready to go.

I hope you all are able to look ahead to calmer times and may be even plan ahead for Christmas. We all do what we can and I would love it if you left a comment and tell me what your plans are. And don’t forget to wash your hands.


  1. Your mother sending you the teabag so you could share a long distance cup together was deeply touching.
    It’s nice to be reminded of the spirit of Christmas right now.
    Meanwhile here, people are clearing out the stores of any and all edibles…not to mention paper goods. How much toilet paper and frozen pizza can you possibly use?😛
    I have my small larder and eat lower on the food chain so I am ok for a bit,. but I have two very unwell neighbors that I am scrambling to find enough proper supplies for without exposing my funky lungs to prolonged hyperventilating crowds.

    Always an adventure!

    Thanks for the brief happy respite!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s an adventure all right. Shelves here are looking pretty bare and retail clerks are looking stressed. Good luck to you and your neighbours. May you stay healthy.


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