Keeping Christmas in your Heart: Christmas 2020 Advent Calendar

It’s no secret that I love a handmade Christmas. However, a handmade, frugal Christmas means planning a head. A few years ago, I made an advent calendar from recycled Altoid tins and sent it off to my oldest child. In 2016, I sent it off to my youngest child full of goodies for a 20 something year old guy with a love for computers, D&D, tea, and dressing up. This year, I thought I would send it off to my Mom.

My mom always went out of her way to provide us with an amazing Christmas, year after year. Advent calenders played an important role in our Christmas celebrations. If you look closely in the backgrounds of some of the photos below, you can see an advent calendar.

Christmas past

It wasn’t until I became a parent that I really began to appreciate what she had done for us. I figure that after all these years, my mom deserves to finally count down to Christmas with an advent calendar tailored to her.

Day 1

For the advent calender I made in 2016, I used teeny tiny hexies to make an ornament. Sewing all those little hexies was finicky and I swore I would never make another but I guess I was charmed by how sweet those tiny little hexies are and I made a couple more.

A mini hexie stocking

Day 2

I used crochet thread, a 1.75mm hook, and an online tutorial to make these winter themed earrings. I stiffened them using a 1:1 solution of white glue and water. They turned out so well that I made a pair for myself.

Crochet snowflakes

Day 3

Last month, I came across a bunch of vintage silk scarves I has stashed away. I think this one will go well with my mom’s pretty blue eyes.

A vintage scarf

Here they are all package up.

All wrapped up and ready to go.


  1. I loved those tins!
    The decoupage was so inventive and different for each one. Wonderful that they can become a wandering holiday tradition among your family members.

    Hope nobody snitches to your Mother!!

    Liked by 1 person

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