Frugal Endeavors – end of August

As another summer draws to a close, we continued to find ways to save our pennies. Here is what we have done over the last couple of weeks.

Cheap Eats

My garden was disappointing this year, to say the least. There were a few reasons for this but fortunately, I did not have to go without fresh garden produce. I have friends and co-workers who were happy to share their bounty with me. I gratefully accepted a large batch of rhubarb and this monster zucchini!

I did, however, manage to gather a few mouthfuls from my under performing garden and from the plum tree in my yard. We had the green beans for dinner and the plums made a welcome addition to my packed lunches.

Decluttering / Stash busting

I got some some clothes passed on to me. I took what I needed and passed what was left onto others. The unexpected gift of gently used clothing inspired me to go through my closet – again. I filled up two more bags to pass on to someone else. I though I did a really good job of clearing out my closet during the #40days40items challenge for Lent but I was surprised by how much more I found to pass on.

I had a dream about making a cover for my dehydrator. Weird I know, but when I woke up, I realized that this was actually a really good idea as it would keep all the pieces of my dehydrator together and keep it free of dust. Off I went to dig through my fabric stash and this is what I created:

I used an old sheet to line the cover and the elastic cord and toggle were recycled from an old back pack.

Currently, I am using yarn from my stash to make a cover for a hot water bottle for an upcoming camping trip. It’s not going well. I think my crochet mojo went away on vacation.

Borrow – Don’t Buy

Had our local library order in two books for me instead of buying them. I’ve been waiting to read the Wartime Farm forever. I’m sure I will find it a valuable resource for the Second Annual Ration Challenge starting right after the September long weekend.

Added Income

I made a little bit of money doing some mending for someone and a total of $2.05 for bringing my bottles to the depot.

How about you? How are you making ends meet during the last bit of summer? Leave a comment, I always love hearing from you.


  1. Hi, could Silver advise how to make $$ doing surveys and panels? I’m cleaning and purging at times, mending, feel the need to “clean up” and prepare for what winter may bring. Made $10 on a “used” site locally. making my own bread of course, currently using the 4 ingredient artisan Easy bread, its fun to play with. Just read “The Good Dream” by Donna VanLiere, a wonderful read of a woman saving a damaged boy .. happy Fall everyone.
    ann lee s

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  2. Glad to hear you’ve had a good last couple of weeks! Our summer draws to an end for us as well, because with new job it means I will start working Monday to Friday only from the beginning of September. No more weekends at work!

    *Cheap Eats* Well after the local cats decimated my seedlings, I have learnt and know what to do different next year. That being said I have planted out the bottoms of spring onions in a planter, and they have all grown back again! I will keep doing that for sure. I have also bought some seriously reduced seeds (10p a pack) that I will try my hand with next year. Surprisingly the nasturtiums I planted outside our fence and left to fend for themselves are now really growing, giving us lots of flowers and leaves we can eat.
    I have also managed to get some good finds in the reduced aisle. And the blackberries are coming so have made crumble already!

    *Decluttering/Stash busting*
    Your dehydrator cover looks great!
    One of my summer goals this year was to list more things on Ebay to declutter and make some money for Japan, and I have managed to do this. I have gone through our kitchen cupboards and cleaned them inside and out, and have given away three packs of coloured icing to our niece as she loves to bake and would get far more enjoyment out of it that we would.

    *Borrow/Don’t buy* As you’ve probably seen from my Instagram I have been borrowing all the weird and wonderful books from the library….
    Husband needs a suitcase for Japan, and Husband’s parents have offered to lend us one of theirs, to save us buying one for him.

    *Added Income*
    I have eBayed some things, sold some stuff via WeBuyBooks, and done some voice work on the side. I have carried on doing surveys and panels and keep stashing those vouchers away for Christmas and Birthdays.

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    1. It sounds like you are doing really well. I’m inspired by your commitment to doing surveys and panels. I used to do fairly well with those but I’ve not been able to commit myself. Time to get back at it!

      I can’t wait till you both make it to Japan. I’m looking forwards to hearing all about it.

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      1. Thank you, we aren’t going until spring next year, but I am already super excited! Husband thinks I am excited way too early, but it’s something we have saved for, for such a long time.

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