Frugal Endeavors – April showers really do bring May flowers

May 7, 2019

Compared to last year, we haven’t had a lot of rain but we have had enough. At last the world has tossed aside her winter coat and has donned a dress of spring flowers. Life for us is also blooming.

Small Flowered Woodland Star

I am happy to report that our bathroom reno is almost done. The bath tub has been installed, the new plumbing is in place, and the tiling has been completed. I celebrated by talking a long bath using the bath salts given to me by a coworker. Thanks LH, they were lovely! I am still a little shocked that I have such posh bathing facilities in my own house.

I haven’t found a name for this tiny, very pretty flowers.

The Man’s dilegent watch over the local facebook buy and sell page resulted in a new-to-us, 100% free washer and dryer. Our old appliances were on their last legs. In fact, the spin cycle was known to halt conversation and inspire earthquake warnings. I celebrated by going a little crazy at the new dollar store buying two different types of clothes pegs. As an additional frugal bonus, we waited a couple of days to get rid of our old machines because our local landfill was waiving the tipping fee for large appliances. If you live in the RDKB and you need to get rid of old appliance, now’s your chance to clean up and save a bit of money!

Wild strawberries

Since every bit counts money wise, I figure it is worth mentioning even the small ways I found to save money. I had a few, smaller frugal successes this week. I was lucky enough to take home some eggs from a damaged carton and half a loaf of bread from a loaf that I managed to destroy. Both these items were still perfectly good but could not be sold.

Before the weather turned, I took advantage of the cool temperatures to build myself a nest of warmth on the couch and catch up on some hand sewing and mending.

The sunny hot weather means that I can cut down on my hydro bill and put my new clothes pins to work by hanging out my laundry.

That’s it for me this week. How was your week? Leave a comment and tell me how you saved money this week. I love hearing from you.



  1. Hi from Vancouver Island! love your photos. One of those wild strawberries took up residence in my garden last year, and have come again this year even larger plant, SO delicious when just ripened.

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  2. Congrats on your new bath and tub.. it sounds lovely, congrats on the frugal bits.. so many local scrap dealers around here that you can pretty much put out anything metal and put a free-scrap and its will be gone.. We only have once a year pick up for the larger items by the county, they used to do it twice a year when we moved here, then it went down to once a year, then they tried to make it that no pick up from farms, but we fought that one.. not everyone single person on a farm has a truck and farm wagon. (we are allowed one farm wagon load of stuff once a year free if you take it) so we were able to get the farms back on the pick up.. but they still put rules on it extra. Used to be that you could put out whatever you needed to do so..

    now it must be no bigger then a “pickup truck load” but you just put things out the weekend before the week of pick up an the haulers and scrappers will take everything and you will only have a smaller amount left for them to pick up.

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    1. No scrap dealers around here, unfortunately. Our landfill has no limits on the amount you can dump, and after the flood last year when home owners were dumping a lot of construction waste, they even waived their fees. It’s a delicate balance – if they don’t charge enough, the land fill will struggle and if they charge too much, people just dump their garbage in the bush. Grrr.


  3. Wonderful news on all fronts!
    May your good fortune continue, you’ve had enough of the other…..

    TWO types of clothes pegs, you Wild Woman!
    Party on!!!

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  4. I’m glad the bathroom is now sorted, and well done for being so frugal!

    Here where we live they do a free bulky waste collection – just leave it out on the road by the bins on the day you’ve specified and the council will collect and recycle it for you, for free!

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