Imparting Love and Memories – a Tshirt Quilt for Christmas

Love and memories we impart
To quilt the fabric of the heart

For years I hauled around my youngest son’s old tshirts. I can’t help it, I’m a sentimentalist. Every shirt reminded me of his childhood. every stain was a reminder of happier times.

Quilt under construction

Making this quilt met several requirements. Firstly, it allowed me to get rid of clutter. Secondly, I was able to meet my very limited Christmas budget. Thirdly, I was able to temporarily calm my need to quilt all the things. Finally, I was able to wrap my now grown-up baby in warm memories.

Time and wear has made each shirt as soft as as a kitten’s ears so this quilt should be both warm and extra cozy. I didn’t worry too much about any stains or tears as they are all part of the story.

The full quilt

This little crossstich Gnome was the perfect accent for my bearded boy.

A lucky Gnome to decorate the label

Merry Christmas CPRW ! I hope the quilt keeps you warm and dreaming happy dreams.

Merry Christmas!
The story behind the quilt.


  1. What a lovely quilt and so full of memories<3 My mother in-law did something similar for her friend. Her husband passed away and he was always fond of wearing all kinds of weird and wonderful ties. So she made her a memory quilt using the ties her husband had worn.

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  2. I love the quilt. Did you do the beautiful quilting as well? I am working on a baby quit for my husband’s nephew and have not done it for so long I’m rusty. Still, I’m making progress and hopefully will finish before long.


    1. I will confess that I did not do the quilting on this one. I much prefer to hand quilt a quilt but that doesn’t work too well on a tshirt quilt. I know a wonderful lady who does long arm quilting so I splurged and sent this quilt to her. I am working on my machine quilting skills but I still have a ways to go. Good luck with the quilt you are making, I’m sure it will be lovely.


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