Frugal Endeavors – Nothing here but us chickens…

January 8 to 18, 2019

The internet provides so many resources for saving money. This year I am trying a few (free) challenges to keep me motivated and accountable. I might even end up saving a little money as a result.

In my last post I talked about how 2019 felt like a year for tying up loose ends and fulfilling promises. I am hoping the first challenge of 2019 will motivate me to finish a few of the quilts I have promised. I missed the deadline for this month. Hopefully I will be better prepared for next month.

The second challenge I’ve joined is the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge 2019. I have participated in this challenge before and it is one of my favorites.  I learnt so much from the previous Food in Jars Mastery Challenge and I am super excited to take part in this year’s challenge. If you are interested in learning to preserve and use different types of produce, I highly recommend this challenge.

Looking forwards to adding lots of yum to my pantry this year.

The third challenge is sponsored by Goodreads. I have pledged to read 24 books this year. I love to read but I’m a little sad that I don’t make time to indulge in one of my favorite activities. Of course, all my reading material will be from my stash of books, borrowed, or bought from the thrift store.

Now for my unfrugal confession – I took the money I made working two different side gigs last month and I spent it. Kapow, just like that. I did move 10% of what I made into a savings account and I put a little towards debt and used some to pay a bill. But the rest of it – gone on a trip to The Really Big City.

My first stop was to a big name fabric store that offers really good coupons. I got my self a few treats and I bought the fabric and quilt batts needed to complete a few projects. I did save over $80.00 on my once a year trip so there is that.

The second stop was to Costco. I’m still recovering from the trauma that is Costco but my pantry and freezer is well stocked.

The third stop was to a thrift store. I got a lovely dressy cardigan in case I need to dress up. I also got several long sleeve tshirts to replace my worn out work shirts. Several were only $0.99 and I even found one that still had the sales tag on it.

I love thrift stores!

January can be a good time to visit second hand stores as so many people clear out there closets at the start of the new year.

How about you? Are you participating in any internet challenges this year? Can you recommend any that help your budget? Leave a comment and tell me about it. I always love hearing from you.


  1. I am already running and I already pulled out of a challenge lol

    Ok, so I am doing the 31 day this morning and that is going well, I am super excited about the Canadian give away!

    I am doing the dogwood 52 week photo challenge as well as a once a week photo show on the blog.

    I am keeping up on the Friday Rambles around the table.

    I am very excited about the jars challenge, which I somehow missed until you shared! YES.. I look forward to that one.

    I have to drop a garden series, it was so much back end work and a lot of sharing rules, writing rules, how the pin’s had to work.. I wish them the best but I just do not have enough time in a day to do all the sharing, commenting and so forth.

    I am struggling in a great homesteading group, when it was smaller, I could make it work but now that its getting bigger and bigger, I can’t keep up with the time it takes.. There comes a point where you go.. wait, I need the time to do.. I don’t have enough time promote other folks posts, when I need to be doing on the farm and working on projects to share for my own blog.. So I need to find a middle ground on this one..

    I am not sure yet on the budget one. At the moment, I have a little idea but I do not know if it will help or work out yet.. time will tell.

    Sounds like you had fun in the city and I hear you about Costco.. its shocking how fast your bill can add up there! but I am happy to hear you are all stocked up 🙂

    Loving your little bear story.. its adorable so far.. Have a great day!

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  2. Happy New Year! Don’t feel guilty about doing something unfrugal. We work hard for our money and deserve to spend it sometimes. And I can imagine that your unfrugal trip will pay off over the year as it goes by anyway ^_^

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