Frugal Endeavors

November 8 – 14, 2017

Winter is trying its best to get a foothold. I know it is inevitable, but we remain thankful for every mild day before the truly cold weather sets in.  Here is what else we did this week to conserve our resources.

I watched a Youtube video, took a chance, and trimmed my hair. My hair is long and I only cut off an inch but I am happy with the results. When I am feeling braver, I will cut off a little more.

I picked up a couple of extra shifts at work. Every penny helps!

We used a whole chicken for a roasted chicken dinner. We used it as the main ingredient for a  few meals. The carcass is currently in the slow cooker. Soup is on the menu in the coming days, which should help fend off any winter chills.

Keeping the Pantry Stocked

I used some of the pumpkin I roasted last week to make Pumpkin Molasses Gingerbread for snacking. I am also experimenting with dehydrating  pumpkin. The process is fairly simple. I spread the pumpkin puree in a thick layer over the sheets that came with my dehydrator before dehydrating for 12 to 24 hours using the fruit/vegetable setting.

I was surprised by how much moisture was removed by the dehydrator. I peeled the “pumpkin leather” from the sheets and blitzed them in my blender. The resulting pumpkin powder made from several liters of pumpkin puree can now be stored in a recycled Nescafe jar. I like that I am saving on freezer space and I have another option for preserving pumpkin. I am also looking forwards to trying out a few new recipes!

Powdered Pumpkin to put in my pantry.

Stash busting

I made another ornament as part of the ornament along. I found the embroidery hoop in my craft stash saving myself a trip to the store.

How about you? How are you saving money and getting ready for winter?


  1. That’s quite a difference in volume from puree to powder! Have you figured out approximately what volume of powder would equal a cup of puree? It has potential for all sorts of uses in the powder form ….what fun creating new uses for pumpkin it’s going to be!!!

    Your ornaments are beautiful. I stopped doing and making stuff for the holidays, with the exception of a nice dinner and a few baked goods, after my mother and her sisters weren’t there to enjoy and request [read demand here] all the Christmas extravaganza. Lots calmer and less stressful on me and the budget, but I still get to enjoy all my cookies!


    1. Thanks Jill, sorry for the late response. From what I gather, 1/2 cup of dehydrated pumpkin should equal 2 cup (1 can) of pumpkin.

      You are right, the volume of pumpkin is substantially reduced when it is dehydrated!

      I am glad you have found a way to enjoy the Christmas season. I think slowing down and focusing on what really brings you joy is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you.


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