Frugal Endeavors

So pretty now that the smoke has cleared.

September 8 to September 15, 2017

Another week into September – where does the time go! This is what we did this week to save money.

Of course, we engaged in all our usual money saving tactics such as hanging the laundry, taking my lunch and snacks to work, and diligently using our left overs. We  included our garden produce, as limited as it was, in our meals. This week I made a lovely gluten free  zucchini lemon loaf from one of our garden zucchinis.

This week we worked together to clean up our backyard and make space to park my car for the winter. Part of our clean up included removing the sheets of metal roofing we had leaning against a very large, west facing window. This window allows the sunlight and heat to pour in all summer, even with an exterior solar blocking blind. We don’t have air conditioning in our poorly insulated house so when the temperatures were hovering close to 40°C this summer, we resorted to desperate measures. We blocked the window with some extra sheets of metal roofing. This “redneck” fix may have looked tacky but it worked. However, the winter winds and snows could damage the metal sheets so we put them away until next year.

Keeping the Pantry Stocked:

I used the plums I harvested last week to make another batch of plum butter. I combined the apples I picked from my neighbour’s tree with the jalapenos given to me by my other neighbour to make a batch of Apple Jalapeno jam. I also dried some of the plums in my dehydrator.

Plum butter and apple jalapeno jam for the pantry.

Stash Busting.

I mailed a repaired quilt back to its owner and I sent the purple quilt out to the long arm quilting lady. This means that I should have more time to do my own sewing – at least in theory. I started sewing a new shirt using fabric from an old cotton bed sheet but my iron crapped out. The Man took it apart only to find that it could not be repaired. Oh well, I guess I will have to focus on some of my other projects for the time being.

Looking forwards to Christmas

I remembered to strain the black walnut liqueur I started earlier this summer and add the sugar called for in the recipe. It will continue to sit until December and then I will bottle it for Christmas gifts.

I used a free online source to create a label for the classic cold and flu tea I blended a couple of weeks ago. I packaged the tea in pretty, recycled glass jar.

Tea for Christmas

How about you? How did you save money this week?


7 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. I have some Italian prunes (like plums) that I want to make some plum sauce with. It is the time of year to finish up all the little odds and ends of canning. It looks like you are making some really interesting things to add to your pantry. I am intrigued by the apple-jalepeno jam. I have some peppers on my bush that are actually red–might be pretty. I hope I can find the time to try to make it, too.


  2. Love the ‘red neck’ window covering! I must be a red neck at heart because I do things like that. And no apologies. After all, we have to pay the bills not someone else who may not ‘get it’. Keep frugaling along.


    • Thanks for the support. Our house becomes an oven in the summer and I am so grateful we realized we could use our surplus roofing. Other wise, we would be baked alive. Complainers are welcome to sit in our hot house or buy us an air conditioner 🙂 .

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