Frugal Endeavors

Sept 1 to September 7, 2017

The skies here are smoky and grey and I started the week in a bit of a funk. Here are the few ways I saved my pennies this week.

As usual, I saved money by bringing my lunch, water, and snacks to work. We have been supplementing our dinners with veggies from our garden and despite the smoke in the air, I am still hanging my laundry out to dry. My store puts hams on sale every Sunday. I have bought one every week for the last month or so to keep in the deep freeze. They will be a tasty addition to our winter meals.

The contrast between the weather this year and last year is startling and its impact on our budget can definitely be felt. The late spring and hot, dry, smoky summer means that our garden and fruit tree produced very little compared to last year. To add insult to injury, the bears have eaten most of the fruit that did ripen. The extreme fire hazard in our province means that access to the back country is restricted and this may affect hunting season. It looks like we will have to buy most of our meat, fruit, and vegetables from the grocery store this winter. Sigh.. I know that  my concerns are minuscule compared to those facing  fires and hurricanes but some days I find it hard to keep positive.

Ultimately it was my neighbours that pulled me out of my funk

My one neighbor dropped of a jar of her homemade apricot jam and a couple of jalapeno peppers. She also declared that she was done canning for the year and gave me a dozen new pint jars that she had purchased but felt she wouldn’t use.

I made Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Plum Butter from the plums given to me last week

I helped my other neighbour pick the ripening plums and apples from her trees in an effort to keep the bears out of her yard. I brought home even more plums and a couple of pears and apples and 1.5 pounds of ground pork from pigs that she had a share in. She also sent me a very sweet card.

Life is looking up. I may not have a lot, but I have awesome neighbours.

How about you? How was your week? Has the weather this summer had an effect on your budget?



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