Frugal Endeavors – In which I flash my undies on the internet and get naughty with my zucchinis

Yep – more berries. These ones are josta berries.

July 28, to August 3, 2017

Despite the heat wave hitting our area and the influx of tourists, I got a lot done this week.

Once again, I benefited from the generosity of my friends and family. In return for looking after her cat and her flowers while she was away, my neigbour allowed me to gather columbine seeds from her garden. A co-worker gifted me with a large bunch of rhubarb and a bucket of fresh picked raspberries from his yard. After visiting with my mom, she sent me home with a very large zucchini, a container of josta berries (a cross between black currents and goose berries), some lettuce, a couple hot peppers, and a dozen eggs from her chickens.

Stocking the Pantry

I froze the rhubarb, raspberries, and some of the zucchini. I attempted to make pancake syrup from the josta berries but it didn’t work as well as I had hoped. It’s still perfectly edible, so it went into the freezer along with the rest of my bounty.

Stash Busting

I finally attacked my box of old tshirts and I am happy to say that I used most of them up by making myself some new undies and hankies. I found this pattern (from 1970!) In my pattern stash.

This pattern is almost as old as me!

Unfortunately, the instructions were either not included in the package or were lost a long time ago. However, thanks to the internet, I found a several tutorials and I set to work.

The finished results

I decorated the fronts of my new unmentionables with flowers I crocheted using this tutorial.

Crochet flowers

Miss Wigglyhead wanted a special tshirt to match her new pajama pants. I made a stencil from an online image and I found a tutorial for making your own fabric paint using the acrylic paints I bought last year to make the “You Rock” rock. I used the same stencil to decorate one of my new tshirt hankies, cause you are never too old for Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Hanky

While out in my garden, I realized that my zucchinis are not producing as well as expected. After a little research, I discovered that the sad looking yellow baby zucchinis are called “fruit abortions” and are caused by inadequate pollination.

Poor, doomed little zucchini

Apparently, my squash needs a little help in the reproduction department.

I am pretty open minded when it comes to partnerships, but if I wanted to make a baby zucchini, I needed to identify what flowers were the male flowers and what flower were the female. Fortunately, this was an easy task. Male flowers have a skinny stalk and a single yellow appendage or stamen.

A boy zucchini flower. You can see the dark green ovary of the female flower in the back ground.

By contrast, the female flowers have a fatter stem that looks like it is made with a baby zucchini. This baby zucchini is the plant’s ovary. The stigma is found in the center of the female flower and it receives the pollen to be transferred to the ovary.

A female flower flaunting her stigma

Once I identified who was who in my garden, I took a small paint brush, sashayed up to a good-looking boy flower, said “How you doin’?” and gently rubbed my paint brush against his stamen until it was covered in bright yellow pollen. I carried my paint brush over to the female flower, said, “what’s a good-looking flower like you doing in a garden like this?” before gently rubbing the pollen covered paintbrush against her stamen until the pollen was depleted.

I am happy to report that this human/vegetable ménage a trois has resulting in a new baby zucchini.

Hopefully the pollinators will find the new flowers when they blossom. If not, I will have my paint brush at the ready. I’m a gardener and I have needs…

How about you? Leave a comment and tell me about your week.


20 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors – In which I flash my undies on the internet and get naughty with my zucchinis

  1. Very risce of you !! Lol !! I have my grandkids tbis weekend so happy about that !! We have a co-worker with a big garden who does it for the joy of it and has allowed us to come raid his garden! I will be going on Saturday for some beets, lettuce, onions, carrots and whatever else he lets me have !! It will be made into soups and some frozen for winter !!


  2. Hah! This made me giggle…..thanks!
    Nice you could find a great use for the shirt stash. Mine are never suitable for anything but cleaning when I finally let them go. Soft and comfortable cotton undies and no cost but a few bits of thread and elastic and a bit of time. WIN!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jill. I am hoping they will last longer too. I had to throw out two from the last package I bought because the elastic went. They were brand name panties that I bought in April! I hate it when things don’t last.


      • April!! That’s outrageous. I get annoyed when things don’t make two years… especially as I expect four or five!
        I did a pile of mending this week to just sit still and veg out in this heat, and it occurred to me, what do people do who can’t sew or even mend?


  3. Love the undies!! You mention t-shirt hankies. Are these to replace facial tissue? If so, how do they work. I have a perpetually runny nose, and can go through a box of tissue rather quickly. I carry them in my pockets all day. I need something that is not bulky, so enlighten me on this idea. Thanks.


    • I do use my tshirt hankies to replace paper tissues, mainly because I almost always leave a tissue in my pocket when I put my clothes in the wash. It doesn’t matter how carefully I check my pockets, I always miss one and it makes a mess of my laundry. Anyways, I use 100% cotton tshirts because I find that these are the most absorbent. I also use tshirts that are quite thin and drapey and are not very good for making undies. Newer women’s tshirts are like this. they are lovely and drapey but they also tend to be less durable. I cut 10 to 12 inch squares and hem them by turning them up once and using a ballpoint needle and a zigzag stitch. Because they are made from tshirts that don’t fray, you don’t have to hem them. I do because I like to pretty them up by crocheting around the edges. Just because they are practical, doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty.

      I use these hankies for general sniffles and nose wiping. If I have a nasty, snotty cold I use paper tissues so I can throw my germs right into the fire or garbage after I blow my nose. Your grossness tolerance may be different than mine but if its just little wipe without much mucus, I put the hankie into my pocket after tucking the used side to the inside. I might get a couple or three wipes out of a hankie before it goes into the laundry. I wash my hankies in hot water with my other dirtier clothes (socks and undies).

      I hope this helps. If you have more questions, ask away.
      You may want to consider hankies for use at home and paper tissues for use when away from home. Then you can put your used hankies into the laundry without worry.


  4. great job on the undies i actually mention on my blog using tshirts for panties i did not have pictures and it comes out on monday i guess i will send people to see yours you can check out the blog it has many recipes and frugal ideas you did a great job do you ever watch fouchomatics he sews his wife’s undies out of tshirts too. i saw your post on the prudent homemaker thanks for sharing.


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  6. The underwear looks great….seeing the pattern reminded me I have that pattern too. I must check it out and see what I can make. Thanks for the inspiration!


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