Frugal Endeavors

Huckleberry jam. No frogs added.

July 20 – July 27, 2017

Mark Twain said that if “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” This week got off to a painful start but it got better from there.

Instead of eating live frogs, I started this week by getting stung. The first sting was on my fingers incurred while weeding the garden. On closer inspection, I realized that there are nettles growing in with my beets and zucchini. It may sound like bad news, having a garden full of weeds that bite back, but I am going to transplant these aggressive little seedlings and start my own nettle plot. The goodness, healing and nutrition provided by nettles cannot be overstated. There is almost nothing this plant can do! I am excited to receive this gift from Mother Nature.


The second set of stings was less exciting. We went up to our barn to check things out. Sadly, the barn has been taken over by hornets. After getting badly stung, we realize that further visits to the barn will have to wait until after the first killing frost of winter.

Other than getting beat up by the great outdoors, I did manage to keep our budget inline. I hung more laundry out to dry on the clothes line and I made banana bread from on sale bananas I had stored in the deep freeze.

I got paid for finishing an online gig. Woo hoo – this is money towards next month’s groceries.

I went into the neighbouring town to visit the Farmer’s Market and hit the library. When returning the DVD I borrowed to the library, I found a much loved book from my childhood in the free bin. Score!

A favorite

Stocking the Pantry

While at the Farmer’s Market. I discovered that jam made from locally foraged wild berries is selling for $8 per jar.

Wild Jam for sale at the Farmer’s Market

That means that I saved about $80.00 this week by making a batch of Saskatoon Lemon Balm Jam and Huckleberry Jam from the berries we collected last week. Crazy!

We dug up one box of baby potatoes and the garlic. We didn’t get as much as expected, but we did get enough for several meals.

More potatoes. Yum!

Stash busting

I made reusable cosmetic pads from a strip of flannel I found in my stash.

Another product I will not longer have to buy.

While digging through all my lovely fabric, Miss Wigglyhead spotted a bit of flannel and declared that she needed a new pair of pajama pants for camping. She can be very demanding!

That was our week, a little pain and a little gain. How was your week? Leave a comment and tell how you saved money this week.

Want to read more about nettles, check out these links:



4 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. I unfortunately have been sick all week !! But we have seemed to have a good mix of sun and rain as i have been able to harvest anywhere from 2-5 tomatoes a week from my 2 plants. As for saving money, only because i was sick and couldn’t go anywhere !


  2. Huckleberry jam!! What a treat, to me it is worth more than $8. It is hard for me to find huckleberries now, but we once came upon an entire field of them driving to North Vancouver Island; we stopped and used everything we had to pick: hats, cups, lunch boxes etc, never to beforgotten treasure find!!
    Enjoy, Ann Lee S


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