Frugal Endeavors


July 5 to July 11, 2017

Once again, my thoughts and best wishes are with the people in my province displaced by forest fires.

Hot weather and abundant sunshine calls for cold beverages. This week I made iced coffee using coffee that was included in a Christmas gift. Delicious and much cheaper than buying cold coffee drinks from a store.

We relied on our freezer and pantry for our meals, which we supplemented with very small shops at our local grocery store. We took one whole chicken from the freezer (bought on sale) and stretched it till it squawked. The Man roasted a chicken one evening and it became a roast chicken dinner, chicken salad sandwiches, a chicken and rice casserole, and a meal of chicken noodle soup.

This time of year, the wild flowers are blooming like crazy. We spent some time out in “the bush” and I harvested yarrow and elder flowers – the smell was divine! I also harvested St John’s Wort that I have since tinctured.

Yarrow and Elderflowers

Stash Busting:

My furoshiki clothes

I have become obsessed with furoshiki. It is such an economical, environmental, and practical method for wrapping gifts. It is also less time consuming than making gift bags. I made a couple of furoshiki clothes from fabric gifted to me last week by my friend. I cut cotton fabric in a 18 ½ inch square and hemmed it. I have already used them to wrap a couple of Christmas gifts. I am hoping that the recipients will reuse the clothes. The clothes could be reused as a bandanna, table cloth, napkin, or wrap almost anything. A hemmed square of cotton is rich in potential

While digging through my every expanding stash of fabric to find suitable furoshiki fabric, I came across several meters of a light weight striped cotton. I used this fabric to make myself a pair of pajama pants perfect for the summer heat wave affecting my area. I sent a couple of pretty, but less comfortable, pajama pants to the thrift store.

Keeping the Pantry Stocked:

At work, we split an order of raspberries that were damaged in transport and couldn’t be sold. I brought my share home and turned the raspberries into jelly for the pantry. After extracting the juice to make the jelly, I followed a tip from a poster on the Food in Jars facebook page and dehydrated the remaining fruit mash to make fruit leather.

That was our week. How was yours. Leave a comment and tell me all about it.

If you wish to help those affected by the fires in British Columbia, information can be found at the following link:

BC Fires


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