Frugal Endeavors – from frost to furnace

Boys and their toys

May 16 to May 22, 2017

This week started with frost and winter said it’s final goodbye. My laziness proved to be frugal because I left my newly purchased tomatoes on the kitchen counter instead of planting them outside. Frost doesn’t affect rhubarb, however, so I was able to harvest another batch. I stewed this batch and served it over custard. Yum, yum.

I also made bread and granola and another batch of jam bars using a whole jar of scrap peach jelly. These are quickly becoming one of our favorite treats.

One of the trees in our front yard had grown around the power line. It was becoming more and more of a concern. The neighbour offered to let us use his lift truck and our electrical provider came out and disconnected the power line for us, free of charge.  Removing a tree like this is dangerous and without the cooperation of our neighbours and the power company, we would have needed to spend hundreds of dollars to have this tree removed by a professional. As it was, it all it cost us was a couple of logs that that one of the workers took home for his son to use in his shop.

Tree removal

I took a break from quilting this week. Instead, I attacked my stash of fabric and made several cloth napkins, both for myself and as a housewarming gift. I used up part of an old 100% cotton sheet, learned a new technique for sewing mitered corners, and played around with the embroidery stitches on my sewing machine. Does this girl know how to have a good time or what!

We did end up spending some money this week. We were looking at getting a second hand camper for camping. We found one for about half of what were were expecting to pay. It is old and ugly but it is also dry, stable, and in really good shape. Nothing a lick of paint can’t fix.

Looking forwards to new adventures!

This week started with frost but ended with a heat wave and temperatures in the high 20s (about 80°F).  Time to dig out the fans and summer clothes. Winter is finally over.

How about you? How was your week?


6 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors – from frost to furnace

  1. The napkins are lovely! Where we live if a tree is growing into a power line, the power company will come trim it! Of course, I’m sure we are indirectly paying for that in our rates.


    • Thanks. Usually, the power company will come and trim trees for homeowners as well but for some reason, they never quite got around to it. They were very quick to take the line down for us when we told them we were going to cut it down ourselves and their customer service was excellent and yes, I am sure that we do pay indirectly for it but I am also sure the bill would be higher if we caused a disaster.


  2. Amen to not wanting to sleep on the ground anymore!!! I decided that quite a while ago. The good news is that you can STILL tent camp any time you miss it and want to–we did a couple of times 2 summers ago. It worked because it was lovely, warm weather, and we were camped close to the bathrooms. Otherwise, it’s the camper life for me:)

    There is nothing like being inside a camper during a rainstorm–when we first got one (very tiny–only a few of the kids could sleep inside–the rest were out in a tent) I used to say “it’s raining, but not on us.” I think we have had 3 additional campers since then. After the first one, we quickly moved into one with more room so everyone could be inside. I remember one time when we had 10 people sleeping inside the bigger one. Every surface, including the floor, was covered. Ja’Ana and my niece, Alissa, were tiny, and both could fit in the table bed. The boys and Lovana had bunks–it had a triple bunk. Rob and I in the regular bed. The couch and a couple more on it and my oldest daughter was on the floor. She was an adult by then, but had just come down for the night to join us. Fun times! I don’t think you’ll regret having a camper. Congratulations!


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