Frugal Endeavors

The sign at my little thrift store

April 25 – May 2, 2017

Another month done and over. This is what we did to see April out in frugal style.

I made a trip to our local thrift store and found a really nice lunch bag, brand new with the tags still on it. It is so much nicer than the plastic grocery bag I have been using.

I picked up a few extra hours at work and completed another online gig.

We got our veggie garden planted and I worked on a flower bed I started last year but didn’t have time to finish. I added a couple of plants from my mom’s garden and we collected rocks from around our property to use as edging.

I am trying to layer my very robust lavender plant to create new plants for another flower bed I am thinking about. I also brought home another Easter lily, romaine lettuce stumps, and sprouting red onions to plant in my garden. I love free plants.

We had a friend from Vancouver Island stay with us for a few days while he was in town. He brought us more fresh fish!

This month we spent $329.00 on groceries. This included a 10 pound of rice that we added to our pantry.

We reevaluated our budget to see if we can squeak out any extra to put towards paying off debt. This included hiring an accountant to do our taxes. Usually, I would do them myself, which has saved me money in the past but this year our returns are a little more complicated this year and I want to be sure they are done right.

How about you? How was your week?


  1. I love your store’s sign!
    It made me smile when I really, really needed to. Yay!

    You made some lovely and thrifty acquisitions this month…good on you.
    I think your food bill is excellent for 2 adults plus some pantry extras given your area’s high grocery prices and the fact that it covers all meals eaten.

    This is also the tricky time of year when new crop fruit and veg aren’t in yet and the groceries are down to their last of stored roots, winter fruit and the every lovely every useful cabbage. Meat/chicken is also a horror right now.
    I am down to the very last in my freezer and pantry. Made my list and expect to be getting the vapors tomorrow when I do a shop.
    Last week I passed on the $8.00lb asparagus and the $5.00 romaine. I mean, really!
    I use an accountant too. While it is an initial spend it has been very beneficial both financially and emotionally…. better oversight and less worry are worth the extra cost for me. I seriously hate doing taxes.

    Have a good week


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