Frugal Endeavors

See – blue skies are just around the corner!

April 18 – 24, 2017

The sun made the occasional appearance this week. The return of the sun, infrequent though it was, inspired our frugal activities this week.

I started the week by working in my garden. I planted the vegetables I started from scraps and a currant bush. I hope that I will be able to shave a little off my grocery bill with whatever these plants provide.  I also planted a free Easter Lily. From what I have read online, Easter Lilies (with a bit of care) are hardy here. I love free plants for my garden!

I worked an online gig. The funds from this will supplement our grocery budget next month. We kept a handle on this week’s grocery budget by using up the leftovers from Easter dinner. I also made a batch of pumpkin muffins using pumpkin I added to our freezer last fall from a free pumpkin from work. I used a frozen container of cream cheese icing to ice them. I know that the icing really makes these cupcakes, but I have been eating them for breakfast, so I am calling them muffins. 🙂

I covered another cardboard box to use as storage in my sewing room. I also started a cross stitch project that will act as a Christmas gift later this year. I suppose that both these projects count as stash busters as I used materials I had on hand.

I was pretty proud of myself for finally fixing the old, broken clock in my sewing room. The Man, however, out did me as he was able to fix his computer by ordering a part online and installing it himself instead of buying a new computer. I am lucky that he is so talented!

How was your week?


  1. After 4 months of unemployment, I am finally back to full time work. And at a better wage than before unemployment! During that 4-month ‘test’ I was able to eat out of my cupboards and freezer and spend very little on food. I actually did better, overall, than I had expected as far as being frugal. But just for a recent frugal moment – last night I was pulled over for running a blinking red light. I’ve run those lights every night this first week of being back to work, as in – I’ve never noticed them! I am getting out of work at midnight, and am not familiar with the area. So, yup, it was a legit pullover. Because I have a very clean driving record, he gave me a very stern verbal warning, and sent me on my way. Well, not only am I praising God for that, but my finances didn’t suffer due to my negligence. Win Win! Will be working on my balcony garden this week.


    1. Wow – lucky you for getting away with only a stern warning. Some one was looking out for you! Congrats on being able to rely on your resources to get through a hard time. I have had to rely on my pantry a few times while dealing with unemployment and I am always grateful. And congrats on the new job. You must be so pleased.

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