Garbage Garden – Week Three

My little garden is growing away.

This week I added three new subjects to my little experimental garden.

I have grown celery from a celery stump before. The process is very simple as all you do is place the end in water and wait for new leaves to appear before planting it in your garden. My last attempt was not sucessful as my poor baby celery plant was baked to a crisp during a heat wave. Hopefully I will have better luck this year.

I also added a tomato by burying a slice of tomato in potting soil. Why yes, I did take potting soil to work with me in my lunch – doesn’t everyone?

As you can see in the first picture, I added another romaine lettuce base. We are now selling Romaine for $4.99 a head! I know the price will drop in the summer when the supply of lettuce increases, but still – that’s a lot of green for some greens!

The green onions I have sitting in water on my window sill are growing well. I am a little worried about the red onion sets as they are looking a little sad and droppy. I don’t know if I planted them without enough of the original root system or if they are suffering from a lack of sunlight. At work, they were exposed to light from the overhead florescents for more than 12 hours a day but here, at home, they are not getting a lot of light. They are in a south facing window but the sun has been a stranger this week. Maybe next week will be better.


  1. The waste free garden is looking wonderful!
    I have always done the sprouting onion/greens onions but never the lettuce..and now celery!! Even a tiny salads worth at a time or lettuce for a sandwich is a victory.
    My kitchen relies on less than direct sunlight but I’m definitely giving this a try. It would be a wonderful idea to help teach children about growing as seeds seem abstract to them, plus many don’t have access to any sort of garden space. It would be a great lesson in what is and isn’t waste as well.

    I am jealous of That lavender pillow…Miss Wiggly is sooooo spoiled.
    Good for her!

    Hoping spring is finally here for us all. The last snow we had did in my window box herbs and garlic sprouts. How much weather insanity can a tiny plant endure, after all.

    Enjoy the sunshine… Jill


    1. Thanks Jill! If I had small children in my life on a frequent basis, I would certainly use this to teach them about their food. The speed at which some of the things grew surprised me and would help keep a small child engaged.


  2. Oh my goodness! That is a small fortune for lettuce. I admire your little garden. I think I’ll follow your example and make a little garden too. Thank you for sharing!


      1. I almost fell out of my chair when I read that price. Its been on my mind ever since reading it. I had been feeling rather defeated and sorry for myself for having to depend on food banks but now I’m feeling blessed. Your little garbage garden is an inspiration to me. I’ll be looking at fresh veggies in a whole new way from now on. I’ll be checking the cut ends for rooting possibilities.


      2. Use every last bit. Before too long, they will figure out what we are doing and will apply some kind of growth inhibiting chemical to the butt ends to keep us from using them. I kind of suspect that they are all ready doing this to yams (sweet potatoes?). I use to be able to grow sprouts by putting a bit of yam in some water. Not this year. I tried a few times and nothing but mold.


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