Mini Lavender Bunny

Earlier this week, Miss Wigglyhead woke up from her long winter nap.  She took one look outside at the rain and said she was going back to bed until the sun and the hot weather returned. Unfortunately, she found that she could not fall back to sleep. And she was lonely. I made her this stuffed lavender bunny to keep her company and help her fall back to sleep. This bunny would also make a nice addition to an Easter basket or tucked under a child’s pillow to help them sleep.


  • A small piece of tightly woven cotton fabric in white (I used a piece of an old bed sheet)
  • A small piece of tightly woven cotton print
  • Matching thread
  • A new, small, very sharp sewing needle in your machine
  • A few tablespoons of dried lavender
  • The Lavender bunny pattern
  • A disappearing pen for drawing on fabric
  • Brown and pink embroidery thread, I used DMC 838 and DMC 3733.
  • sharp embroidery needle,
  • embroidery hoop
  • White embroidery thread and a fork. Or a mini pompom


  • Print out the Lavender bunny pattern.
  • Tape the pattern to a sunny window, and then tape the white fabric over the pattern so that you can trace the face pattern on to the white fabric.
Use a sunny window for tracing

If the sun isn’t out, you could also use the method I used for my pillow cases.

  • Trace the pattern for the back of the bunny’s head and outer ears onto the piece of white fabric. Alternatively, you could cut these pieces from the paper pattern and trace them onto the fabric.
  • Using and embroidery hoop and a sharp needle, embroider the bunny’s face. I used a simple stem and straight stitch for the mouth and eyes using DMC 838. I used a satin stitch for the nose using DMC 3733.
A face for a bunny
  • Cut out the bunny’s face, back of the bunny’s head, and two outside ear pieces from the white fabric.
  • Cut the pieces for the bunny’s body and inside ears from the cotton print fabric. When working with pieces that are this small, I find it easier to trace around the pattern instead of pinning the pattern to the fabric and trying to cut around it. Alternatively, you could use a sunny window and trace the pattern onto the fabric.
Trace around the pattern pieces.
  • Cut two body and two outside ear pieces from the cotton print.
All the pieces needed to make a lavender bunny.
  • With right sides together, stitch one head piece to the top of one body piece. Repeat. Press seams open.
  • To make the ears:
    • take one inside ear piece and one outside ear piece and with right sides together, stitch around the sides but leave the bottom open for turning.
    • Carefully turn the ear piece right side out. Press.
    • With a needle and thread overlap the bottom corners and stitch them down.
Bunny ears.
  • Place the ears on the front of the bunny with right sides facing down. The ears should also be facing down and ends should be centered.
Place the ears close to the top center.
  • Place the front of the bunny onto the back bunny piece with right sides together.
  • Stitch all the way around but leave an opening for turning right side out. Be careful when sewing as it is very easy to sew the ears into one of the side seam and it is frustrating to have to pick the stitches out.
  • Carefully turn your bunny right side out.
  • Using a spoon, fill your bunny with dried lavender.
A sweet selling bunny.
  • With a sharp needle and some thread, stitch the opening closed.
  • If you can get your hands on a mini pompom, stitch it to the back of your bunny. If you can’t, you can make your own pompom using some embroidery floss and a fork.
Use a fork to make a pompom
  • Sew the pompom to the back of your bunny.
Sew the pompom to the back of the bunny to give your bunny a tail.

Miss Wiggly head was delighted with her bunny. She cuddled up under a quilt on the couch and fell right to sleep. No wonder, as the scent of lavender is known to encourage sleep and relaxation.

Sleep tight Miss Wigglyhead. I will wake you up when the weather is better.

Sweet dreams and Happy Easter!




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