Frugal Endeavors

Tree Rings

April 5 to April 10, 2017

Spring is here!

As usual, I took my water bottle, lunch, and snack for coffee with me to work. This week I made an apple spice cake. I topped it off with caramel icing. I like this recipe because not only is it super tasty but it uses very little butter compared to other recipes.

I took my bottles to the depot on a trip into town. I made $5.15 for the Christmas fund. I made a very short trip to the thrift store where I bought several meters of fabric for some summer time sewing.

We have made it our mission to eat down the fridge, freezer, and pantry. We had a “clean out the fridge” casserole for dinner one night that featured turkey leftover from last thanksgiving and a couple of tins that were part of a Christmas gift hamper. My participation in this mission meant that I may have had several servings of ice cream with home canned peaches, because I need the shelf space, or something.

We didn’t limit our cleaning to the fridge and pantry this week. The Man worked hard cleaning up the yard. He built a bonfire and burnt most of the wood debris instead of hauling it to the dump. This saved a bit of money on tipping fees. I cleaned out the overstuffed linen closet, wiped down all the shelves, and refolded everything. What a difference this made! Once everything was put away all neat and tidy, I found that I now have almost a whole shelf free! I’m not sure how my neat and tidy linen closet is saving us money but it sure does make me feel happy!

Please, leave a comment and tell me about your week. What did you do to save money or make yourself happy?


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