Garbage Garden – Week Two

This is my little garden after a week.

The romaine has really taken off. Even the tiny little stump has tiny little romaine leaves growing. I took the red onion home because the outside of the onion was getting rotten and mouldy. I was more than a little worried that my poor little onion was loosing the good fight but I found an online tutorial that offered a ray of hope.

I removed all the decayed parts of the onion to uncover these:

These baby onions are called “sets” and they are what will grow into new onions.

I planted each set in a pot filled with potting soil. I put the pots into clear plastic bags so that they would have their own mini greenhouses to live in as they get established. It is at this point that I typically loose plants and I am hoping that I can ease their transition into the world outside.  I am a little worried that I did not give each set enough roots from the original onion.

While cleaning out my fridge at home, I found a bunch of green onions that had seen better days. According to the internet, I should be able to put the ends in water and keep them on a sunny window sill to have an infinite supply of green onions. So that’s what I did. I added the jar of green onions to the garbage garden growing on my dining room table.

Here is the “at home” part on my garbage garden.  So far so go.

Check back in a week to see how this little garden is doing.





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