Frugal Endeavors – Spring has sprung

A single crocus blossom ought to be enough to convince our heart that springtime, no matter how predictable, is somehow a gift, gratuitous, gratis, a grace.                             David Steindl-Rast

March 28 to April 4, 2017

It looks like spring has finally arrived. I feel like I can shake off winter’s sleepiness and get stuff done.

To celebrate spring’s arrival, I hung my first load of laundry out on the clothes line.

I did a little sewing this week. I whittled my fabric stash down a little by covering a cardboard box with fabric using this tutorial to make a toy box. I am very happy with how it turned out. Now I have somewhere to store the few toys we keep on hand for small visitors that is attractive and (best of all) free.

While in my sewing room, I also worked on “the purple quilt” using fabric I picked up last week at the thrift store. This quilt is a commission and the whole $2.00 I spent at the thrift store on fabric will be reimbursed.

Purple quilt patches to match the purple crocus

In addition to busting down my fabric stash, I also meet my pantry challenge this week. I made two jam bar mixes using a recipe I found online. I love how this blogger created this recipe as a “mix in a jar” so that you can add it to your pantry. She also provides labels and directions for the jars! I made a batch of these jam bars for my work snacks to test them out. I used butter instead of coconut oil because that is what I had on hand. In the future, I will double the amount of jam used to make them a little sweeter. They were pretty darn good so I made a couple of jars of mix for my pantry as I have lots of jam to use up before this year’s jam making season starts.

I cut The Man’s hair thus saving the cost of a barber.

I am happy to say that we did a little better last month in terms of the amount we spent on groceries. Out total for March was $289.28 for two hungry adults. We have been careful to make use of leftovers, sale items, and stuff in the freezer. I also take my lunch and a water bottle to work and bake a sweet treat to have with coffee so that I am not tempted to buy anything at work.

Ironically, the arrival of spring means that it is time to prepare for next winter. While the sun was shining, we brought in a load of firewood. Winter also means Christmas. I ordered some gift certificates using airmiles and swag bucks. These will become stocking stuffers for next Christmas.

How are things where you live? Is it spring yet? Does the return of warmer weather allow you to be more frugal? Leave a comment and tell me about your week.


2 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors – Spring has sprung

  1. Beautiful quilt pieces and photos! We are also on the cusp of warmer weather. It’s invigorating. I love the jam bar mix idea…and what a great way to clear out the jam in the fridge. There’s always a few jars going at the same time.


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