Garbage Gardening – Week One

Currently, my little grocery store is selling Romaine lettuce for $3.99 a head. I like a good Caesar Salad as much as the next person, but $4.00 for a bit of lettuce seems a little pricey. Time to come up with a solution! 

I spend a couple of days a week  preparing salads. Most of our vegetable wasted goes into the compost or to feed a neighbour’s chickens but after reading several articles on regrowing vegetables from the scraps, I thought I would experiment. If successful, this experiment should reduce waste, save me a little money on garden plants, and allow me to indulge in luxury items like romaine lettuce.

I started my experiment with a Red Onion fighting the good fight. I figure if the poor thing wanted to live this badly, I should give it a helping hand.

I also had three Romaine Lettuce stumps. According to the internet, you can regrow Romaine by either sticking the stump directly in dirt:

or by putting the stump into water:

I had no dirt on hand, so I opted with for the second method.

I set my little garden on a high self so that it can benefit from the florescent lights. When the weather warms in a couple of weeks, I will take the survivors home and transplant them into my garden.

Here is my brand new little garden.

Grow garden, grow!


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