Frugal Endeavors – Come on Spring! You can do it!

The Snowdrops are back. Could spring be right around the corner?

March 21 to 27, 2017

I started this week by making banana bread using some of my $0.99 bananas I froze sometime last year. The recipe I used made two loaves so I froze one to eat later. I also made some soup to take to my Mom and a relative recovering from his medical adventures. I used frozen turkey meat and stock, dehydrated mushrooms and I added a tablespoon of soup base to amp up the flavor.

I downloaded a free ebook.

I cancelled Netflix. I love this service but I never use it. I’m just not much of a TV watcher and I can find other uses for my $8.00 a month.

While in town dropping off the soup, I went thrifting with my youngest. We had a lot of fun. I bought myself some sewing supplies and fabric for a quilt I am working on and he tried on a $30.00 tux.

Looking good!

I brought home some sad looking oranges from work. I made another shrub using the ugly oranges from work and a lemon and cara orange from the dark corners of the crisper.

Ugly oranges = beautiful tasting shrub

I started a garbage garden at work as an experiment. So far, the results have been pleasantly surprising. I am hoping that some of the plants I am growing from our food scraps will survive long enough to transplant into my garden.

How about you? What did you accomplish this week?


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