Frugal Endeavors

March 14 to 20, 2017

Happy spring! Not a lot got done this week as focus this week was on other things.

This week got off to a frugal start even if I didn’t get a chance to do everything I wanted to. Whole chickens were on sale at my store for a ridiculous price – about $6.00 each! We can stretch a chicken to feed the two of us for several meals so this is a real money saver.

I ordered myself some free flower seeds from Cheerios. I planted some last year, and some of the flowers actually grew. I was really happy with the poppies. Luckily poppies are self seeding annuals and I am hoping they return this year and that I can enjoy even more flowers while providing forage for local pollinators.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature
Some of last year’s flowers

I started sewing myself a Christmas quilt. I have wanted to do this for years. Not only will I use up some of my Christmas fabric stash but I will also give myself a much wanted Christmas gift. Sometimes a girl has to treat herself. It’s especially nice if that treat comes with a very small price tag!

I did not get to spend my days off frugally preparing for the coming week (baking, laundry, and such) because of a family medical emergency that required travelling to the hospital in a neighbouring town. Everything is okay and the family member is recovering after a close call, thank goodness!

Hospital stays are difficult and I would like to know what you bring to friends and family members to make their stay less arduous and perhaps, save the patient and their families a little money at a difficult time. Leave a comment and let me know. I appreciate your tips and advice.


  1. hello again…
    Glad things are improving for your family member. Hope things have calmed down a bit for you.
    You might try using some brewed tea instead of the citrus. I haven’t tried it with the soup base yet, but I do add a cup or two of strong brewed tea to pot roasts and stews. The tannins work like the acid in citrus and vinegar and it adds a nice deep dimension to beef/game with out being obvious.
    I think for chicken I will use a lighter tea.
    Could be very interesting!!

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  2. Many years ago I had a 17 day hospital stay. The thing that would have helped me the most is if someone would have called before visiting and asked if there was anything I needed. Since my stay was unplanned, I was literally there without basic needs. Just something to consider.

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    1. Yes – I agree! As it was, he dictated a shopping list to us when we got there and we went shopping for him. Unfortunately, from the time he left the house until we visited him, he was unconscious and far from home. But I do agree. In addition to having visitors bring what I need, I also like to be prepared for visitors, even if it is only emotionally. Thanks!

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  3. Hello!
    I’m hoping your family member is better and has been able to return home. Even if they have, your special lip balm and some homemade herbal skin wipes would be a real treat.
    I tried an experiment with the soup base that we made from last month’s challenge and remembered your great chicken score so I though I would pass it on.
    I took a spoon full of the base and mixed it with a little olive oil then diluted it with the juice of half a lemon. I painted a whole chicken with the mixture and put the spent lemon into the cavity. That was the only seasoning used and I roasted the chicken in a hot oven as I was also doing a load of root veg along with it.
    It was delicious! Plus the resulting cooking juices were beautifully flavored and made a great gravy with just water added and a little potato starch for thickener.
    Next time I think I’ll try it on the root veg too… maybe with orange instead of lemon juice.
    I imagine this would flavor meat in a crock pot as well, but I think the roasting added a special dimension.

    Hoping it’s a tad warmer for you these days….

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    1. Thanks, he is home and feeling much better. I did, in fact, give him a fresh tube of my handmade lip balm as I happened to have some in my purse. I also “freed” some bendy straws and sugar free sweetener (he is a diabetic and won’t use anything else) from a couple of restaurants we went to while visiting him. And a little cash so that when he was mobile he could get himself a coffee or whatever.I like the idea of wipes. Life seems easier when you feel clean, especially when you are stuck in bed and cleaning is hard.

      We have used the soup base several times now. The Man has been adding it when he makes gravy and crockpot stews. It sure does make it tasty. We have yet to try it as a basting material. I will have to find a substitute to citrus juice as citrus does not agree with The Man. Too bad because I really like it. Oh well, I will have to try that recipe when he goes away to hunting camp.
      Take care.


  4. Glad to hear your family member is recovering! I agree…hospital stays are the pits. When my mother was in the hospital, I took her puzzle books,word searches,etc and checked out some audio books on CD for her from the library but I was at a loss beyond that.


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