Frugal Endeavors – Visitors

February 21 to February 28, 2017

Even though we spent a little bit of money this week to keep our guests feed and entertained, we still found ways to save our pennies.

We kept meal costs down by taking turns cooking what we had in the freezer and trying out a few new recipes. They were all pretty good, except for one that went on to feed my mom’s dog. He seemed to enjoy his unexpected treat. I also did enough baking to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

I used up a couple of prepaid swims on my swim pass to the local pool to take our guest swimming. I pack a snack and took a couple of water bottles to fend off the après swim munchies without having to stop for junk food on the way back home. We had a blast. A couple of days later, we took a snowy walk at a local nature park. The fresh air and exercise was followed by a nap, which is one of my favorite frugal activities.

My empty sewing spools were repurposed as building blocks. As you can see in the picture below, they worked well for building towers and kept someone occupied while I was upstairs mending.

The mending I was working on was for a co-worker. I earned $10.00 that I put towards my Christmas fund and two plastic buckets that I will use to store dry goods in my pantry.

Even with guests, I was able to add to my pantry this week. My work allows me to order certain grocery items at wholesale. I purchased a 25 pound bag of gluten free flour mix. I figure that this should last me at least a year! I was also given 4 packages of sliced turkey meat to take home for work for free as they had passed their sell by date the day before. I brought them home and froze them for future lunches.

The Man used the light bulb rescued from our old stove to replace the light bulb in our dryer.

I hope you all had a week that was as amazing as mine. It is tempting to spend money to ensure guests feel welcome. This week, it was worth every penny. However, if you have any tips on how to feed and entertain guests on a budget, please let me know in the comments.


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