Frugal Endeavors

Old pump house

February 14 to 20, 2017

Well, it finally stopped snowing and now freezing rain is falling. The bad weather this week helped us keep our money in our wallet.

We started spring cleaning in anticipation of guests. After most of the day spent cleaning, the weather was too bad and we were too tired to do much more than eat leftovers for dinner and collapse on the couch.

My store had a month long promotion and you could win free food. I ended up with several snacks that I am saving to feed our guests.

I cooked a roast for the meat department and was able to take the broth home. I added it to the freezer and I will use it for gravy sometime in the future.

We kept ourselves entertained by watching a DVD from the library.

We spent $41.00 on groceries this week.

And that’s it – how about you? Leave a comment and tell me about how you saved money this week.


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