Frugal Endeavors – February Blues

Yikes! My garden looks like a grave yard!

February 1 to 13, 2017

The first two weeks of February have seen me in a February funk where everything feels grey and dismal. I didn’t save a lot of money, and I may even have spent money I didn’t mean to, but it all turned out okay.

Two weeks of groceries was $159.26. This included a bag of icing sugar and a bag of brown sugar, salt, and two cans of beans for the pantry, extra veggies for this month’s Food in Jars mastery challenge, and a big shop to stock up on the essentials. I am reminding myself that at this stage, I am keeping track of what I spend on groceries to see what we really do spend on groceries and not to generate a number to beat myself up with.

February has swallowed my sewing mojo but I did find a way reduce my stash. I put some fabric away where it belonged and I sent some fabric off to the thrift store as I know I will never use it. I also went through my pile of old tshirts that I was saving to upcycle, washed anything that was still in good condition so that they could go off to the thrift store with the fabric. I found a couple of old favorites that I mended and re-added to my wardrobe.  Taking the time to edit my stash reduced it from three plastic totes to one tote and a cardboard box of tshirts.  Hopefully my sewing mojo returns and I can get to work on more projects to further reduce this problem pile.

Tshirts to upcycle.

In an attempt to remedy my February funk, The Man took me to a large fabric store and left me all alone. I purchased some the fabric for a quilt that I have been asked to make for a friend. I got an excellent deal on the fabric and the friend will reimburse me for the fabric. Flannel was on sale for a good price (less that thrift store prices) so I bought enough to make flannel pj pants for Christmas and fabric to start a Christmas quilt that I have been dreaming of. I used coupons I printed off from the store website and the cashier sold me a calendar for $2.50 so that she could apply a $30.00 coupon. In total, I saved $118.00. Not too bad.

I saved money in the kitchen by making a batch of butternut squash soup using turkey stock from the freezer and a squash that the produce department was giving away cause it was too ugly for sale. I even saved a few of the seeds. If I expand my garden this spring, I think I will plant them. I also made a batch of soup base as part of the food mastery challenge at the Food in Jars website.

So, that’s been my February so far. How about you? Are you also afflicted with a case of the February blues? Got any cheap tips for relieving winter’s emotional toll? Leave a comment and share your story. Your comments always cheer me up.


  1. What a coincidence. I’ve got a bunch of veggies I need to use up and was thinking of making a soup base with them. But I still haven’t decided on the soup base or canned stock. Maybe some of both.

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  2. The blues hit me too this ti.e of year. But i am cheered by the fact the days are getting slightly longer. I spent money but it was for a good cause. My comfort after a long day. My new recliner with massage should be here in a week or so.


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