Frugal Endeavors – Dentist

This is what you get when you put your money where your mouth is.

January 24 to 31, 2017

Not a frugal week. At. All. Hopefully the money spent this week will help prevent greater costs down the road.

This week started off well enough. I finished a second rag quilted pillow case to match the one I made last week. I feel so grown up having matching accessories in my house.

Our grocery spending this week was $48.35. This included some snacks for our road trip.

As part of our road trip we visited our cell phone carrier to talk to someone about rejigging our cellphone plans. We ended up with a plan that should save us about $50.00 a month.

Our road trip was to a larger city about three hours away so that I could finally have my bad tooth seen to. In addition to paying the dentist, there was money out for gas, a night in a hotel, and a meal in a restaurant. I had a frank discussion with the dentist about costs and we worked out a treatment plan. The upside was that this first step meant that I we save about $1000 dollars – at least for now. Step two will take place in about 9 months and might be a little more expensive. But at least I have time to save up for my treatment.

Since we were in the “Big City,” we went to the mall. I haven’t been to a mall in about 4 years. I have to confess that some of that saved money went to buying a birthday gift for a grandchild and a coffee maker to entertain the parents of the grandchild when they come to visit next month. The rest will be set aside in an emergency fund for further treatment or to deal with any other surprises 2017 wants to throw at us.

How was your week? How did you save money this week?


  1. would it be possible to have gone to a dentist in Spokane, would it be cheaper down there? I’m sure there are good ones. just wondering. ann lee s a sore tooth needing repair is not something to ignore though.


    1. Going to Spokane was something I did consider, especially since I was paying out of pocket and thus not limited by an insurance company. I do know people who have gone that route. The exchange rate is not so good right now, so I am not sure I would have saved any money. As it turned out, the dentist I did see was wonderful – very kind and very understanding. So far my story has had a happy ending (even though I am only half way through) And you are 100% right. A sore tooth is not something to ignore. The consequences can be deadly. or this one I am thankful that I had the resource to deal with this. Now – go floss!


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