Frugal Endeavors – Hello 2017

Christmas treats for the birds

December 20, 2016 to January 2, 2017

Happy 2017 everyone. We celebrated Christmas and the end of 2016 in our own low key and frugal way.

We hosted Christmas dinner this year for my family. We saved a fair amount of money (almost $40!) on our Christmas dinner shopping by combining coupons and sales items. This included the Christmas turkey, which was huge and provided leftovers for several days before it was turned into stock, a pot of curried lentil soup, and batch of curry for the freezer.

I am blessed by friends and family who also lead frugal lives and give gifts that help me maintain our household. One of the friends I sent a rice bag to, sent me lovely hand knit mitts and a toque. She included the left over wool in case Miss Wigglyhead decides she would like something similar. I gratefully received a care package from another friend with lots of goodies for my pantry (thanks again S).  My mom gave me a potted rosemary plant, some candied ginger, and a bottle of vanilla extract for Christmas . The surprising thing was that I was thinking of restocking my baking pantry and I was daydreaming of what to put in my garden this spring. It’s like she read my mind. I guess that’s what moms do.

A tree for the birds

My own tradition is to decorate a tree for the birds. This year I included a pile of apples from our apple trees for the deer.

Christmas apples

We saw four deer on the hill by the barn one of them came back last night to check for leftovers. I think they appreciated their Christmas treat. I will be sure to save apples for them next year.

I have set myself a goal of using three large plastic totes full of fabric by the end of 2017. This might not be a realistic goal, but I am going to give it a shot. The daycare in our little village posted an ad asking for blankets. I spent my time off making a rag quilt that I will give to them when they reopen after Christmas. I made a small dent in my stash and I hope that I am also providing some comfort and warmth on to the kids in my community.

Stash busting rag quilt

New Year’s Eve was spent visiting with the neighbours before enjoying a casserole made in the slow cooker and an early night. Not very exciting, but the perfect way to see in the new year for the two of us. Frugal tip #1 for 2017 – save money by being a boring old fart!

How about you? How did you remain frugal over the holiday season? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. Happy New Year to your wild celebrants as well. Hope it’s healthy and frugal year for us all!
    It sounds like you had a lovely, loving and warm time.

    I don’t have many people to cook for anymore, but really enjoy turkey and the resulting soups and curries.
    Some years ago my butcher offered to cut one into parts for me. What a revelation…I can stretch it, and my meat budget, much further and have the cut up backs, giblets/neck and wing tips packaged separately for manageable amounts of stock. I pkg the legs together, thighs and split breasts separately and the wings disjointed and packaged in pieces…so handy in flavoring chilis etc or just quickly roasted for a small lunch.
    Butcher told me that you can do this safely with a frozen turkey [or any frozen meat] too if you just barely defrost it …. just enough to get a strong knife into it to whack it apart then quickly wrap in clean paper and put back into the freezer. Strong arms and/or a good cleaver helps loads!
    I can have freshly cooked turkey for months and multiple vats of stock.

    I did manage to make 5 pies with a beautiful and unexpected windfall of New England apples. I cooked one and froze the others uncooked and well wrapped for when I feel a pie urge coming on…. it happens you know!

    The rag quilt is beautiful and fingering the fuzzy seams will be much appreciated by dozing small children, I’m sure!
    When you get time would you post on the seaming construction?

    I hope your weather has gone back to regular temps and you won’t be needing all the extra you bought.



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