Frugal Endeavors – Merry Christmas


December 13 to 20, 2016

Winter showed this week with a vengeance! The temperatures  feel to well below normal winter temperatures for this area. Unfortunately, the cold weather did not put a chill on our spending. This week was not a frugal week.

Our truck was giving us grief so we took it in to get it checked. While in the shop, the mechanic discovered that the brakes desperately needed to be fixed. We travel up and down icy mountain roads every day so we fixed the brakes. You can’t skimp on safety. The original issue remains unfixed but a return to the dealer requires another journey over scary mountain passes and half a tank of gas. We don’t think it is a serious concern thus we are putting this trip off until the weather is better.

The chilly weather forced us to burn more wood than usual to keep our house warm. We are a little concerned that we might not have gathered enough wood this summer to see us through the winter so we decided to buy another cord from a local source. We did get it at a reduced rate because we pick it up from the woodlot and split it ourselves. We are thinking about getting another cord, just in case. More money out – sigh …

I sent out the last of my Christmas parcels this week. I had forgotten how expensive Canada Post is. Next year, I will  set aside a little money to cover postage or raise my own herd of flying reindeer so I can play Santa Claus without any help from the mailman.

We both celebrated our birthdays this week. We didn’t exchange gifts but we did buy each other a nice lunch at a favorite restaurant. We really like this restaurant – the service is always good and the food is tasty but it is getting more expensive. Unfortunately, we will be visiting our favorite eatery even less frequently in the new year.

This week was not all about spending money like a couple of drunken Christmas elves! Instead of using my pantry budget to fill someone else’s pantry via the Christmas hamper, I took a load of meat and home canned goodies to a family I know is really struggling. Mother nature was really good to us this year and it is only right that I share her bounty with others. I hope it will keep them feed for a while.

I also receive two gifts that were priceless. My oldest child completed his exams as a second year apprentice with flying colours and I caught my youngest in a random act of kindness towards a co-worker. No amount of money can buy these sweet gifts.

I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas. I am going to take this time to cuddle on the couch with The Man and feed my family their Christmas dinner. I will see you all in 2017.




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