Frugal Endeavors

December 6 to December 12, 2016

It’s starting to look very Christmasy out there. Despite the approach of the holiday obsessed with consuming and spending money, we maintained our frugal ways.

For the most part, staying frugal was pretty easy. I started training for a new position in the bakery that requires me to start work when the rest of the world is still tucked up in bed. As a result, I’m tired when I get home and I end up napping on the couch for most of the afternoon. It’s hard to spend money when you are asleep!

When I was awake, I saved our pennies by making the most of our left-overs. I made  applesauce spice bars for lunch snacks and to use up the jar of homemade applesauce I opened earlier in the week. I used the left-over ground meat from making “NAFTA” quesadillas (Canadian moose meat from our freezer, American cheese, and Mexican spices) and the liquid from our Sunday roast to make hamburger soup to take for my lunches.

In addition to the usual activities such as taking my lunch and a reusable water bottle, drying some of my clothes by the fire, I saved a little money by using Skype to talk to a friend who lives far away.

My donation to the Christmas Hamper was a bunch of gravy packs. I asked someone who had experience with these hampers what a recipient could really use. She mentioned that the ability to vary monotonous meals were very welcome and suggested the gravy packages (on sale this week at my store).

We did not entirely avoid the Christmas spirit. We took a walk around our property to find this year’s Christmas tree.

Be very qwiet. We are hunting Christmas trees.

There it is. The Christmas tree in its natural habitat.

There it is. The Christmas tree in its natural habitat.

A successful hunt.

A successful hunt.

Can’t wait to decorate.

How was your week? Leave a comment and tell me all about it.



2 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. Hello!
    I discovered your blog a few days ago and have spent many delightful hours reading through your posts.
    Thank you!!
    I have copied out several recipes and am especially happy with the GF ones as I have a seriously sensitive celiac friend who is going through a bad bit these would be quite a treat.
    Your use of the crock pot to make the laundry detergent is sheer genius and I will be trying this when my present supply of ever more expensive store bough supply runs out.

    As a fiber artist and sometimes quilter, I appreciate your really skilled, beautiful and inspired work. [I am soooo coveting Ms wigglie’s skull niightie and slippers for myself.]

    I thought that basic groceries were heart-stopping and eyewateringly expensive here in NYC, but Canadian prices are equal parts stomach churning and enraging. This is where I find the web to be such a valuable resource in allowing us to share our lives, knowledge and tenacity…..along with bits of happiness and inspiration.

    I understand that there is a limit to just how much work your can take on, even when offers are plentiful, to help you get ahead.
    I once worked for more than two years with out a day off. I was grateful for the work, and it did get me on solid ground, but the physical and emotional fallout was substantial. Not sure if I would do it quite like that again, though sites like this may have made a great deal of difference in my approach and well being. At least i wouldn’t have felt so alone.
    So take care of yourself first and foremost. It’s lovely that you have such a willing co-conspirator in your frugal adventures!

    Thank you again… Jill in NYC


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