Frugal Endeavors

Mother Nature is getting ready for Christmas too.

November 22 to November 28, 2019

Unbelievably, we have not had any snow yet. I cannot believe how mild it has been. However, I did see snow on the top of the hills across the way. Winter may be late, but it is coming.

To get ready for winter, we covered some of our windows and unused doors with plastic to keep out the winter winds. We did this last year and we found that it helped to keep our home a little warmer. I have also parked my little red car for the season and took the plates off. We live up a twisty-turny logging road and I cannot safely drive my little car on this road in the ice and snow. Not only will I save on paying a mechanic to put on my winter tires but I will also save about $70.00 a month on my insurance.

This week was much like any other week in terms of frugality. We ate all our meals at home using ingredients on hand and I dried a couple loads of laundry by the fire as it has been too wet to use my clothes line. I found a small glass bottle to reuse as a soy sauce container for my lunches.

As part of my stash busting project I stitched up some rice bags for friends and a new nightgown for Miss Wigglyhead who has found her way home after a summer of adventures.

For the last month or so, I have not reported on my pantry challenge. I was trying to spend at least $5.00 a week on filling my pantry. Well, my pantry is pretty much full, thanks to this year’s berry crop, our fruit trees, and a couple very successful hunts. I have decided to use that $5.00 to fill someone else’s pantry. Our local fire department runs a Christmas Hamper program for local families who need a little extra help during the Christmas season. This year, their partner organization was not able to help them and, so far, they have received twice as many requests for help as they did last year. Every Friday, I will be donating what I can. For those who live in my neck of the woods, there is a donation bin at the grocery store for non-perishable food items and a tin for cash donations at the till should you want to contribute.

How about you? How was your week?


8 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. Last week and this past weekend I was busy making slippers and slipper socks for the grandkids of some ladies I work with. I did go buy more yarn to make them and I did get paid for making them. I still come ahead in the long run as I added to my yarn stash so now I have many more new colours and can use the bits and pieces left over for a scrap blanket 🙂

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  2. I’ve been knitting a crocheting for a craft sale this Saturday, using up a lot of my yarn stash. The extra money will be nice this month and I love seeing people wear things I make. We’ve been using up a lot of our meat and such in the freezer and getting creative with some recipes! We have decided to give each other things that we’ve made so hubby will probably be wearing new socks at Christmas (wool from my stash as well).


  3. we also still have no snow here in Calgary. last week it was still well into double digits, getting a cooler at night now but the change in weather is so drastic from say ten years ago, also finished moving essentially, moved my entire apartment in my subaru so saved big $ there maybe not the most efficient but def effective


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