Keeping Christmas in your heart all the year – Progress


I crossed several items off my Christmas “To Do” List this month and I did it without spending tonnes of money.

The tins for Days 19, 20, and 21 of the Advent Calendar are finished.

The tin for Day 19 was decorated using a picture I found online and printed off.  The gift is a book mark I made by transferring a picture of the recipient when he was very little. I remember this time fondly. It was  when reading for pleasure became a thing for him. I was reading him a chapter of Harry Potter every night before bed but the suspense was too much for him so he picked up the book and started reading it for himself. I hope it brings back happy memories for him too.

I used a recipe I found on line to treat 100% cotton fabric so that I could print on to it using my home printer. I used bits of fabric for the patchwork around the picture. He remains an avid reader and I am sure he will find a use for this gift.

The tin for Day 20 was decorated using yet another security envelop and snowflakes cut out of silver paper that once covered a chocolate bar. I don’t remember where I found the numbers.

I filled this tin with homemade lip balm.

The tin for Day 21 was one of the easiest tins to decorate. I used a scrap booking sticker from the local dollar store. Easy peasy!

The gift in this tin is a little book I made using his favorite quotes.

In time, I may create a tutorial but in the mean time, you can find tiny books online that you can print using your home computer:

This one is appropriate for the season:

This month I also finished a gift for my oldest boy and added a few items to his stocking. I made a quilted table runner that should go nicely with the napkins I embroidered earlier this year. I use an online tutorial and fabric from my stash, the thrift store and left over from a quilt I made this summer. My oldest likes to cook and entertain friends. I hope this gift will witness many happy meals.

Prairie winters can be hard on the lips.

I am adding some lip balm to his stocking. I used scrap book paper, an online template, and stickers from the free box at a second hand book store to wrap each tube of lip balm.

The stocking will now include a gift card that I bought using loyalty points. As an apprentice and a student, I’m sure the recipient will appreciate it.

This should help with the commute to school

Another one of my Christmas goals included making new ornaments for my Christmas tree. After years in storage, many of my old ornaments were damaged and other brought back bad memories so I got rid of them. Time for new reminders of much happier times.

New Christmas ornament
New Christmas ornament

I used yet another online tutorial to make this ornament from  last year’s Christmas tree.

Last year was the first time that The Man and I put up a tree. To make it even more special, we harvested the tree from our own land. It remains one of my favorite Christmas gifts.

Bringing home the tree.

How about you? Are you making any progress on your Christmas plans for 2016?

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