Frugal Endeavors

October 10 to October 17, 2016

The Little Oxford Dictionary tells me that feeling grateful is an adjective for being thankful or feeling gratitude. This is me this week. 

Before the rain started, I planted garlic and I some mullien to treat winter colds. I also started a tincture of Oregon Grape Root.

I made turkey stock from the Thanksgiving leftovers I brought home from my mom’s last week. The turkey was so big, I had to make the stock in two shifts as my pot was too small to hold the entire carcass. I also froze several servings of sliced turkey.

I combined my trip to town with a trip to the thrift store. I picked up some fabric for a Christmas gift I am working on, a few books for reading this winter beside the fire, and container, with its own spoon, for my homemade laundry sauce.

My new laundry soap container. It is exactly what I wanted.

We had company for most of the week as The Man’s long time hunting buddy and his son came to visit. The son is an avid, and very good fisherman. He brought several packages of salmon and halibut to add to our freezer. They also gifted us with a second-hand food saver that they found was too small for their purposes but perfect for our household. We sent them home with a special quilt I had been working on all summer as a housewarming gift.

I was able to keep these hard working guys feed with homemade turkey soup and a rabbit casserole. They provided the rabbit. I had never cooked rabbit before so this was a new experience for me. Luckily, I have of my Grandma’s old cookbooks dating back to the 1930’s in which I found a recipe for Rabbit Supreme. It was pretty tasty for a first attempt. We liked it enough that we will continue to explore using this economical and overlooked source of meat.

I was thrilled to use a recipe from one of my Grandma's old cookbooks.

I was thrilled to use a recipe from one of my Grandma’s old cookbooks.

The Man and his buddies had a very successful hunting trip. I can’t even express how grateful I am as their hard work will keep us well feed this winter and supplement our tiny grocery budget. My heart, and my freezer, runneth over.

How about you? Did hard work play a role in your frugal successes this week?


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