Keeping Christmas in your Heart all the Year – the Advent Adventure Continues

020116_0101_Christmasis1.jpgThe tins for Days 16, 17, and 18 have been completed and the wild turkeys that hang out in our front yard made a contribution to the Christmas stocking.

Days 16, 17, and 18

Day 16

The tin for Day 16 is one of my favorites. The trees and the sky were all made from the insides of security envelopes and the hill was cut from an old book page.


I made a small coin purse to put into this tin. The fabric can from the bits and pieces from a friend’s sewing room and the zipper was from an old shirt. I used a tutorial found online. Of course, it’s bad luck to give away a wallet (or a change purse) without anything in it, so I added a little extra to this gift.

The tin for Day 17 was covered with Christmas fabric and the numbers were from some scrap-booking stickers I found at our local thrift store. The gift inside is an oldie but a goodie. I used a free on-line printable, another security envelope, and some ribbon from my stash to make the cover for the “Grinch pills,” or box of Tic Tacs.


The tin for Day 18 was covered in black paper and the numbers were cut from a chocolate bar wrapper. The gold ornament was a scrap-booking sticker. The treats inside are sachets containing sweet smelling bug repellent herbs for the recipient to put in his clothes drawers.



Only six more tins to finish!

Another one of my Christmas goals was to make stocking stuffers for my other boy. The flock of turkeys that hang out in our front yard left behind a couple of feathers and I am using these feathers as a stocking stuffer. This might seem like an odd gift, but I am giving them to him so that he can turn them into paint brushes using the method described on The Tudor Farm.

After a long and busy summer, I feel like I am making progress on my Christmas goals and I am accomplishing my goals without spending much money at all.

How about you? Are you accomplishing your Christmas goals?


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