A Literary Way to Keep the Bugs at Bay

These sachets filled with insect repelling herbs were designed to fit inside an altoid tin



I started by ripped a few pages from an old book I found in a library discard table. I don’t think I paid more than $0.25 for it. Before you take me to task for destroying books, this one was really, really poorly written. It did, however include memorable lines like this:

I designed small envelopes around graphics I found on Graphic Fairy and to fit the pages from my book, which were 5X8. I plopped the ripped pages from my book into my printer and hit the print button.

If you try these sachets, you may have to fiddle around with your print settings. You may also want to check to confirm that your are not printing your images upside down relative to the words on the page.

After printing, I cut out the envelopes

I flipped the envelopes over and folded the flaps into the center of the envelope.


“Irksome,” is a great word and it describes my search for a glue stick that was still sticky and not a dried out lump. I finally found one set to gluing together the two long flap before folding up and gluing down the bottom flap.

I filled each envelope with two tablespoons of potpourri.

When the envelope was filled, I glued down the top flap.

All done! These envelopes can be slipped into clothes drawers to help protect clothing from insects.




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