Frugal Endeavors

Beautiful, juicy plums

September 12 to September 19, 2016

I love a productive frugal week. My new work hours means that I am home in the early afternoon, leaving me with time to get things done to help our budget.

I harvested some rose hips from our property for a friend at work. Another workmate brought me some small jars and bottles. I will use these for herbal preparations or for samples of honey when I have bees again.

The Man charmed the lady at the auto parts store and got a new, replacement signal light for my car for $1.13 (after tax).

My pantry is slowly filling up. The butcher at work set aside some on-sale chickens for me. I got 5 whole chickens for the freezer for a little less than $25. This will last us for some time as we can make a roast chicken stretch for several meals. I also made 10 jars of plum jam from the plums we harvested earlier this month. I gave a jar away to a friend at work.

I love the colour of this jam!

I meant to make soap for a stocking stuffer using oil I had infusing all summer. It didn’t work out. On the bright side, I didn’t use up as much oil as I thought I would. I think I will try my tried and trusted soap recipe and tweak it a bit.

I made some potpourri and sachets to keep the bugs out of my dresser drawers. Hopefully, this will cut down on the cost of replacing damaged clothing.

I earned a little money to top up my grocery account doing a side gig online. I, and every other minimum wage worker in my province, got a raise! Minimum wage went up in British Columbia meaning I get an extra 40 cents an hour.

That was my week. Leave a comment and tell me about your frugal fails and frugal successes for the week.


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