Frugal Endeavors

September 6 to September 11,2016

This week started with a day off. Thank goodness. And then, like a cherry on a sundae, I worked for a few more days and got another day off! I had lots of free time to cross a few frugal “To Dos” off my list.

The neighbor allowed us to pick some plums from her tree. We also picked a few more pears from our trees for snacks after tasting one and realizing how good they really are.


These have to be some of the prettiest pears yet!

I used some of our apples to make dehydrator cookies.

The Man made a gluten free apple sponge cake (from scratch) using apples straight off one of our trees. It was delicious. He made it again later in the week with pears and it was better.

I invited a friend over to help herself to our abundance for fruit. We feed her dinner, had an excellent visit, and sent her home loaded down with pears, apples and plums.

pantry-challengeThis week’s pantry challenge was a success. The Man picked up an extra jar of pasta sauce for the pantry when he was shopping. I added a liter of dried plums and 6 jars of mixed berry jelly to our pantry. Total cost this week = $1.77.

Another friend at work cleaned out her closet and brought in a bag of clothes to pass on. From my other job, I took home another loaf of bread that was not pretty enough for sale, a bag of cheese buns, some deeply discounted strawberries, and, best of all, free flowers as a customer brought in roses for all the girls at work.


Making All Purpose Salve. That wonderful red colour is due to the oil being infused with St. John’s Wort. When it cools, however, it takes on the taffy color of the beeswax.

I strained off the oils I have been infusing all summer.  I used the infused grape seed oil to make several jars of All Purpose Salve for bites, burns, bruises, and other skin owies.  I made too much so I will take the extra to work to share. I should have enough infused olive oil to make two batches of soap – maybe that will be next week’s project.



This week I remained committed to my usual frugal activities and hung my laundry, used homemade laundry soap and fabric softener, took leftovers from home for my lunches and brought my own water with me in my refillable bottle.

How about you? Leave a comment and tell me about your week.


5 thoughts on “Frugal Endeavors

  1. A friend – who happens to be a master gardener, showed me where to wildcraft Sea Buckthorn berries in the city! I picked and froze some to experiment with. A handful went into my smoothie and some in a jar of home made spicy green sauce. I love that you can find food in the city!

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  2. Wow you had a productive week. The fruit is so pretty . You had an amazing amount of fruit from your trees. The salve is such a good idea did you follow a tutorial or just made it from your knowlege of healthy living?


    • Thanks Patti. It felt really good to be productive this week, that’s for sure. We were so lucky this year in terms of fruit – last year the bears ate it all (except for one apple) but this year, they have more options, so we are sharing. I learnt how to make salve from my herbal mentor. Next time I make it, I may post a tutorial, but it probably won’t be till next year. I hope you have an excellent week.


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